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Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 A Look Forward

I will like to do a look back to 2008, and will do so ... but let's take a look at the future that I can foresee ... although nobody can really see into the future.

Nine things looking forward in 09:-
1. I will reach 400 blog posts by end of 2009 ... this is my 200th post.
2. I will be in Netherlands for 3.5 months of 2009 ... like this is not expected.
3. Al E will have his balls chopped off ... I feel sad for him.
4. I expect to be promoted ... wait a minute, I already was!
5. USA will have the 1st black president ... like this is a prediction :P
6. Malaysia will have a new Prime Minister who will be a son of a former premier.
7. I will complete 40 years of my life.
8. I will finally cave and buy an iPod so that I don't have to carry countless CDs.
9. I will celebrate Gawai this year, somehow, unless #2 above gets postponed again :(

This year I will try as much to follow one of my idols, Dr Suess' advice.

I will be who I am and say what I feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

First day of work in 2009, new shirt, old tie, old pants, same old person, a little extra bulge.

Take care and be well.


Nil said...

Self comment - this is on web my 199 blog post because I actually deleted one post sometime back due to security reasons.

Ser said...

Love the shirt (but the tie does not go well with this shirt - too busy looking). Suggest next time - use a plain & shiny looking tie. Cheers.

Ser said...

Item 3 can wait (in regards to AL-E)...need to do further research. Like side-effects (the good and not so good).

Nil said...

The pictures do not do justice to the tie, most people who saw it said that the tie and the shirt matched very well.