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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some pictures from The Netherlands

Finally managed to upload some pictures.

A view from Room 1204 at around 8:30am on Sunday 25 Jan. This was the warmest day. It has been getting colder ever since.

Vegetarian Weiner Shcnitzel with potato balls in a bowl at the Half Moon restaurant near the hotel. May go there for dinner again but lunch is there on Friday as well.

De Koninck Bock beer, I have not had a bock beer since Michelob bock beer in my days as a student in the US.

That's me having the last beer ... maybe 1 beer too many but hey, when you are always going out for dinner alone, that's what happens, you eat too much and you drink a wee bit much as well. Have not drank a beer since the dinner on Sunday though, so, no worries, not becoming an alcoholic nor becoming like Kupps and his prosperous belly.

That's the Grand Winston Hotel on the right of the picture, taken on Monday. The other buildings are all Shell buildings.

Me in the train feeling the chills on my way back from The Hague in The Netherlands. What The toot

Me at work, at my desk.

Me at work - another perspective.

Take care and be well.


joanna said...

office no cubicle kinda space..so open/transparent..and the streets are not as clean as i thought it would be, papers and rubbish here n there...and its FREEZING as well over here..its wet and cold outside, and still want to switch on both aircond's..sigh..wearing 2 jackets..

Ser said...

Dalam office pun sejuk ke. Heater tak cukup panas?

You brought your Godzilla Tripod to office..?

Wah, I like the way they serve beer (in a somewhat like a white wine glass). I miss that. The last time I had that sort of beer (served in a glass as such) was in Brussels, Belgium.

Well, I don't really like the types of beer they serve in Malaysia (so strong, bubbly and smelly)....I know in Europe you have better choice. Enjoy while you are there.

Must be really chilly (cold till your bones feel it...). Netherland generally looks cold & grey especially since it does not snow. Pappa was surprised when I told him, it has yet to snow where you are now.

So you must be quite a regular at Half Moon by now.

Nil said...

Office is open space, only top top managers get a room. It is cold in the office at times, but colder outside. In office, sometimes get free sandwiches and fruits. But always got cofee, tea, cocoa and soup to drink. Surprisingly, the streets are not as clean as I expected. I have only been to Half Moon once but there is a project manager lunch there tomorrow (Friday). Gorilla tripod is with me in my jacket at all times.