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Friday, January 23, 2009

Good friends don't come any better than this

Good friends, good times, good food . . . a day with Kunjali and Nilsar

I guess a pre-birthday for Mack. Wishing you all the happiness.

Spent time at my home in KL, then some shopping for camera (Mack got a nice cool DSLR and I am gonna try it when I get back), then just driving a little and then a simple Mamak dinner at NZ, sometime at Mack's cool pad and dropping Kupps off into the jungle at FRIM.

Good friends, good times, good food.

Anjali (Mack), Kuppusamy (Kupps), Nil and Sar-wifey

All in a row

Mack and Cheese - well Mack and I anyways - pondering

Kupps, Nil and Mack

Belly rub for prosperity

Take care and be well.

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