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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Delft on Wednesday and Shop on Thursday

Went to Delft on Wednesday night. Quite a nice small town just one stop away from Rijswijk in the train.

I would say it is nicer than Rijswijk in terms of a town. Delft is a University town, and therefore, many many young people which results in the streets and pub scene being a little more lively.
First thing you see as soon as you get out of the train in Delft is bicycles. The Dutch are crazy about cycling and pretty much cyling is a way of life.

In Delft, I see more of the nice old type European buildings and like older towns, pretty much the cathedral is in the middle of everything.
Had another Bock beer - only 1 beer this time. Name of this beer is Afflingen.
Savouring the beer, even eyes are closed and tasting the magnificience of this beer.
Had a nice Ravioli, do not know what the filling was but it was some cheese based filling with nice sald on top and a cheese that I did not fancy too much. It came with a nice mushroom based sauce with some mushrooms as well.
Tonight (Thursday night) is late night shopping and therefore I am going to drop by the Rijswijk mall to see if I can get some nice gloves.
Don't get too excited about late night shopping. Stores normally close at 5:30pm on normal days and 8:30pm on Thursdays - this is their version of late night shopping.
And I thought Miri was boring.
Take care and be well.

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Ser said...

At least in Miri, can still get some household shopping done till 10.30pm (In KL even better, till midnight and till 1 a.m. on public holidays).

Did you manage to get gloves?