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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nasi Goreng Tja Siew

Been going to The Hague every night since Monday night, which means 2 nights.

On Monday night, 1st day of Chinese New Year, I went for dinner at a Chinese Resturant.

The menu in most restaurants are in Dutch but somehow I could understand quite a number of entree's.

Like Nasi Goreng, Mi Hoon Goreng, Tja Siew (Char Siew), teeh.

So I had Nasi Goreng Chai (vegetarian) with teeh.

On Tuesday, went to a different area of The Hague and went to a Spanish restaurant. Had some tapas and a glass of red wine.

Tuesday was a lot colder than Monday.

Work is work, but in the evenings, I am lonely. Do not have the support of friends to call anyone up. Also, it is too late to call friends in Malaysia.

Ces't la vie.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

You are always in my thoughts. Soon enough you will make some friends and be having some good time in this foreign land.

Soon enough I will be joining you.

And soon enough you will be back in Miri (reunited with little AL-E and me).

joanna said...

auhhh..macam some love story pulak..sorry to barge in on you 2 like this..can't help but to "Auhhh..." ;P hehe..

missing your company over here as well.. All the Best to you! ;)

Nil said...

Yah yah, everyone miss me, I miss you'll too.