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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Every Breath

I am missing Al E. I wonder if he is missing me.

Been speaking to my dad, and he says Al E pays attention, at least when I speak to him.

As usual, Al E is starting to tire out my dad.

Check out my post about Al E and Dada in the other blog.

When I arrived in KL, I went to a friends house and saw this dog I have known for years called Max. Max is a 8 year old shitsu pekinese mix which I have known since he was a puppy.

He just come up sniffing to me . . . I guess he smelled Al E on me. He does come to me usually, but this time was different, Max was really sniffing up my shirt.

It has been just 2 days away from Al E. Just another 100 or so to go. SIGH!

I will survive and I am sure so will Al E. I do believe he is in great hands with Dada now and then with his mummy later.

Every breath I take and every breath he takes, I'll be missing him . . .

Take care and be well

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Ser said...

AL-E will be fine...with Dada and Auntie Joanna.