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Sunday, January 11, 2009

10 Things that make me angry

10. People who drive like idiots. In Malaysia, especially those that slow down to look at something going on on the other side of the highway like an accident or those who drive really really really slow in the fast lane.

9. People who text message/SMS while having a conversation with you. How insulting is that?

8. People who talk during the movies. What gives? Like, can you be quite for 2 hours without talking? This is more so in Miri - it is getting ridiculous.

7. Companies that make you listen to though a million options before you can speak to a live person and after pressing all the options, you are put on hold. By the time you get to the live person, you are ready to freak out. No different with a call to 1010 in my company.

6. People who smoke right at your face. Nearly as bad as spitting on your face while talking.

5. People who pass gas on a crowded public elevator. They know they did it, yet they know they can get away with it without being caught. Some people actually do this on purpose - I can understand if it was accidentally.

4. Gossip and well just gossip, rumours. Find something real and positive to talk about.

3. People who are rude and people who lie. There is just no good reason for being rude. Are you the one that cuts in line, pulls into a parking spot out of turn, or guilty of #5 above? Do you just like telling lies for the fun of it? Get some manners!

2. People who use a lot of vulgarities in every sentence or just a tad too often. I've just about *toot*ing had it. I have in the past ended a friendship because a friend who used vulgarities directly at me in an unprovoked incident. Yogi was a good friend that just became an arse.

1. Themselves. They allow themselves to get mad and pissed off, when in fact getting mad is a choice! I see so many people just getting angry for nothing.

I am no saint myself and need to do more to reduce my anger. I have reduced my anger so much since my childhood days that it is unbelievable. I was an angry child for some reason. I was also nicknamed "Khario" by my grandparents which directly translates to salty but means like an angry person in Gujarati.

Oh well, just gotta learn to be happy and less angry which I have been doing over the years.

Take care and be well.

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