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Monday, January 19, 2009

The final countdown (Bitter Sweet Symphony This Life)

Yup, it's the final countdown. I had a very very busy Monday just attending meetings and clearing up stuff.

Just collected my air tickets, a cool RM21k on the credit card - thankfully the corporate card.

Back home, packed the 2 big bags. Got an allowance of 45 kilograms. How much do you take when you're away for 3-4 months and quite a bit of the weight is just the winter clothes?

I got the morning at work tomorrow, then I will be gone to KL for the next 3 days before flying off to the land below sea level.

Excited yet not; happy yet not; looking forward yet not; ecstatic yet not ... maybe at the moment it is all in a rush and it is all a blur but my heart is starting to sink a little because I know I will miss my wifey, my daddy, my friends but I will speak to them, chat with them and feel better. Most of all, I will miss my boy, Al E.

I am feeling the lump in my throat of having to miss birthdays - Mack, Kupps and Al E - I am so sorry. Wifey - I still hope you will be able to come over for your birthday.

I am also thinking what I will do all alone on my 40th birthday. Yah, a selfish thought but still, I know over here at least wifey and friends will do something. A big one, likely all alone - maybe go to Vienna to cheer myself up and spend some time with some old friends.

Ah, it's a bitter sweet symphony this life. Trying to make ends meet, trying to find some money then you die.

I am not sure how active in blogging I would be, I reckon a little less active but my target is to still get a blog in every other day or in 2-3 days.

Until then, signing out.

Take care and be well.

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bal said...

i'll miss you much bro. 'nuf said.