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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nil's 6L's for a good life

Always listen, be patient and give people an opportunity to speak. I have always been told since young that I have 2 ears to hear and listen whereas only 1 mouth which is used to talk, eat, drink and many other activities. As such, even our creator intended for us to listen more. Be aware of our surroundings and truly listen to what people are saying.

Every activity is a learning exercise, a lesson. Strive for ideals and learn to be a good person, learn to listen, learn to live, learn to laugh, learn to love and learn to be loyal if you have not. We have a life which is filled with learning, and it never stops, even in death we may learn something.

Just live life, enjoy living. Seize the day and live as if today may be the last day of your life. Al E, my boy, he truly enjoys living and he, more than many others, have taught me the joys of living and enjoying it.

There is truly nothing like having a great laugh. But don't laugh at the expense of others, laugh with people, laugh out loud, laugh until you have tears in your eyes and cramps in your stomach. Laughter is maybe not the best medicine but it comes pretty darn close.

Love actually is all around us. Learn to love, love nature, love family, love pets, love friends, love people, love God, have true love emanating from you. Don't think people don't love you or you are not loved, because you are loved. So, just love back and don't let small trivial things bother you.

Loyalty is like having faith. Once you have faith in yourself, in your family, in your friends, in God ... then you have the confidence to do anything. Don't confuse faith with blind faith. You must be clearly aware of who you put your loyalty to.

I am not perfect, I too am practising and a student of the 6L's. I am just sharing and maybe some of this sharing helps.

Take care and be well.

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