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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Room 1204

Arrived Netherlands this morning in the dark. Thankfully safe.

Weather is cold and crisp but bearable. It does not snow here, maybe it does, but not right now.

Managed to check in early to Grand Winston Hotel in Rijswijk.

The hotel is named after another famous Winston with his big big picture hanging in the lobby. I wonder why a hotel in Netherlands would name their hotel after Winston Churchill.

Took a tram to The Hague central station and came back to Rijswijk on the train. Not many things seem to be open - but then again it is Sunday and I am in a new environment, so did not venture away too far.

People are generally friendly, in fact friendlier than most Dutch I meet in Malaysia.

However, language may be a little problem because everything that is written is written in Dutch.

I am in Room 1204, the weather is cold and the room is one of those simple cold looking rooms.

Not much view from my window except for other square buildings.

Still getting accustomed to my surroundings.

And in the meantime, missing loved ones - wifey, Al E, dad and friends.

Tomorrow, I start work.

Take care and be well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nil !
Enjoy your trip, beer, sausages and Marry!!!

L_ZEE said...

welcome to holland! :D
Don't worry, you'll enjoy your stay there, its a beautiful country with lots to see! Yep, everyyything is closed on Sundays, and even on mondays in smaller areas. The shops all close at 5, except the supermarkets. There is late night shopping one day a week though! The Dutch really know how to relax and enjoy life:D

Nil said...

Thanks Gerald and Zee. Did have a decent meal last night and some good beers.

Ser said...

Nil is vegetarian, thus I guess its beer and more beer...

Hopefully, you turn up back home with a pot-belly dear.

What is this 'Marry' (refering to Gerald's comment..?)...You are already married lah...!!

Ser said...

I mean DON'T turn up with pot-belly!