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Monday, January 26, 2009

Shnitzel and Beer

Had vegetarian weiner schitzel and beer for dinner yesterday.

How many beers? Well, 1 too many.

Tried a beer called Palm, then extra cold Heineken served at 0 degrees, then 2 bok beers which I cannot recall the name.

Then I had a vegetarian schnitzel served with this cute little potato thingies which were little balls - like kacang ... very nice.

The restaurant was near the hotel and called Half Moon. The bartender and maybe part owner named Harry was rather friendly but not like "Cheers" sort fo friendly but he did have his regulars.

I wish I could upload pics, but alas, some problems with that. Will upload as soon as I can.

Lunch today was in the Shell restaurant - quite good I would say. I had a vegetarian meal, some soup, some salad and some bread with fennel cheese. I had the most compared to my other colleagues here who eat rather light meals for lunch.

Tonight, I am just finishing work and packing back. It is 5:45 and is already rather dark.

Where to eat, what to do?

Take care and be well.

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Ser said...

Better get some exercise done dear...otherwise your existing small pouch is going to be a big port belly......

Take care, be merry, happy and exercise. Btw. did you take any vitamins (...I guess not?)?