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Monday, April 25, 2011


What are kindred souls? Whenever one hears about kindred souls, they automatically have a romantic or love connection. However a kindred soul can also be someone who tests your nerves and stretches your potential beyond anything you think is possible.

Everyone has this type of relationships - we just need to take time and look into our past. Not all relationships have to be one to one, they can be with a group, organization, pet or even a situation.

My potential changed to beyond I thought was possible over a few incidents over the last year based on people I met as well as inspirations and messages from the Divine and my guardians and angels.

Write down in the journal you are keeping a list of relationships you have had. See if they have guided you to the direction where you are now or did they lead you away from your purpose.

I recently decided to terminate some relationships that were taking me away from my soul purpose and were just selfish for their own needs. Yes, some relationships are not easy to terminate, but this is way cutting of ethereal cords become important.

Now write down all the relationships that are happening in your life right now, be it husband, wife, or boss or pet, or a situation or an incident. And ask the following questions about each of these relationships:
  1. What am I learning from this relationship?
  2. What qualities am I developing?
  3. Is this relationship for my highest good?
  4. How can I make this relationship better?
  5. Is there an even exchange of energy?
  6. Are e learning from each other?
  7. What have I discovered, or am I still discovering, about myself through this relationship?
  8. Are the people in my life empowering and encouraging me to be all that I can be?
Within every relationship, there are lessons to be learned or still need to learn.

The most important relationship that you will learn from is from your relationship with your soul.

Stop for a moment without all the distractions, no emails, phones or even reading my blogs and allow you and your soul to have some solitude.

This will allow you to filter what is working and what is not working, which relationships are working and which are not, what needs to be done to make things work for you and the soul within you.

It will be a way of dealing and releasing and purging the things that have been consuming your vital soul and holding you back from living the life you want.

Just clear your physical space of clutter, the energetic fields that are a vital part of your soul must be cleansed of the disruptive energies and emotions.

Restore your connection with your divine soul and the divine wisdom.

I love you and I thank you.

Take care and be well.

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One Woman's Thoughts said...

If I would have asked myself these questions in some of my realtionships before I would have been so much more the wiser.