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Friday, April 1, 2011

My spirit and soul drives my physical being

April is usually springtime, where the winter snows melt and new wonderful life starts sprouting. In this month and possibly continuing into May, I am inspired to write about the power of the soul.

In the past year, my spiritual journey has lead me to wonderful discoveries and growth. As a result of my experiences, I have grown as a person. I am still on this wonderful path of growth and would like to share with you so that maybe you can manifest and strengthen your body, mind and soul.

Our soul is quite wise and it will always call or attract to itself what it needs to learn in this lifetime. There are no coincidences and no randomness. If you read my blog, your soul wants to read it.

There are no limits and boundaries to where your soul can lead you in this lifetime and connect you the the power that is just a wonderful and beautiful extension of the power of the Universe and God or whatever that may be to you.

As I was guided by a book on my 30-day journey in January, even these coming blogs are guided by the divine, the soul that is I and my guardian whom have all asked me to write about the lessons I have learned and the lessons I continue to learn. I am also guided to some extent, just to have some order to the blogs, by John Holland's book Power of the Soul: Inside Wisdom for an Outside World.

Any potential plagiarism is not intended and I seek forgiveness from John Holland and the Divine that is if the soul that is I uses similar analogies or words.

One often may wonder where is the soul? What happens to the soul when the body is no longer? And how does the Divine fit into all of this?

I have always said I am a soul and I have a body and NOT I have a soul and I am a body. Our bodies are here but just for a lifetime, the soul of I is eternal and infinite.

My soul is my consciousness, it is the true essence of me. I am a spiritual being just in this temporary physical body having human experiences, feelings and emotions. I honor my physical body and I honor my soul.

Why do people feel so empty sometimes? Most of us live a materialistic world, car, house, food, fun, movies, fancy clothes. All are good to feed the physical and make the physical look and feel good. But many of us forget to feed our souls with the spirituality it requires as sustenance.

Even in the Bible and in Hinduism and other religion, there is the trinity of the being. The trinity in us is the physical body, the soul and the third being the spirit.

Where does our soul and body get the spirit from? What is the spirit. The body is the physical being. The soul is the metaphysical being, it is the driver of my destiny. But to go on a journey, there needs to be fuel, and the fuel is the spirit that the Divine has infused in me.

I have the spirit to write these blogs, to love completely, to honor my guardians and the Divine, to respect and look upon the angels of God and to take this journey and help you to take this journey.

Spirit is the life force, the energy, the spark and the spirit from the Divine is what binds us all. The same energy that makes up the moon, the sky, the oceans, the stars ... the spirit of the Universe, of the Divine.

As the stars who have the spirit and shine brightly at night have guided many men on their journeys, the soul with the Divine spirit can too guide you, your own soul and spirit to be your guide in this lifetime.

Over the years, most of us put on the masks, the masks of being in control, the masks of confidence or arrogance. we have a mask for every need, sometimes we wear a mask for so long that we have troubles to take them off.

To live a spiritual and physical life of happiness, peace, health and abundance - to experience infinite love and gratitude - it is very pertinent to understand and get to know your essence, which is your soul.

When you see the Divinity in others, it will remind you of the same force within yourself. It will bring you tears of joy when you reach there. Like when I see the divinity in a bunch of animals, the love that they give out, the care, the gratefulness for every little thing and the forgiveness, I can realise that the soul that is I is the same, I can do that too.

Once you discover your soul selves and live and view life from your soul's perspective, this is when you will truly radiate pure light, confidence, courage, strength and infinite love and gratitude for yourself and others.

You will become a divine being and gain deeper appreciation and awareness of your soul and the soul of others. As I keep saying, I am a soul, the soul of I is divine and the divinity always has infinite love and gratitude.

I love you and I thank you.

Take care and be well.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog & post!
This is just what I need cause right now, I am in search of myself.
I don't know where to start to find myself.
Thankfuly, my mom and my best friend is always there to help me.

Thank you for sharing.

I don't think I have the confidence, but I have the spirit!