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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Love is all around me

I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes
Love is all around me
And so the feeling grows
It's written on the wind
It's everywhere I go, oh yes, it is
So if you really love me
Come on and let it show, oh
You know, I love you, I always will
My mind's made up
By the way that I feel
There's no beginning
There'll be no end
'Cause on my love you can depend
You know, I love you, I always will
My mind's made up by the
Way that I feel
There's no beginning
There'll be no end
'Cause on my love you can depend

Love is really all around, it is infinite and always there, but do you have it within?

Let us begin today with a journey of letting love enter your heart and your life and allow you and the soul of you to receive and to radiate love from within the pureness of the soul that you are.

Listen to your heart and your soul, linking and blending in with your divine source.

Sit on a comfortable chair but do not lie down. Have your back straight. Relax your head and shoulders.

Close your eyes and breathe slowly. Allow your body to simply relax.

If you are stressed, imagine your stress leaving you as you exhale.

Take time to relax and exhale different tensions and stresses and become aware of them one by one.

Place one palm over on the center of your chest, roughly where your heart is and place another palm over the first.

Inhale into your stomach and let your breath slowly raise to your chest and exhale slowly. Do this for a few minutes.

As you simply focus on your breathing, allow your mind to become still and thoughts to go silent. Let go and do not pay any attention to any thoughts that creep up, just let them blow away like soap bubbles and do not pay attention to them.

Focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale.

Keep you eyes closed, take your hands away from your chest and rub them gently. As they get warm and infused with energy, place your hands back on the same position over your chest again.

Imagine a nice bright, beautiful, brilliant emerald green light filled with energy as it enters your heart through your hands and fills your whole chest area. Continue with this for a moment and feel the energy and light run up and down your spine slowly and smoothly and fill your entire body with this light and energy.

As you breathe out, imagine this emerald green energy and light releasing any negative emotions of anger, feelings of failure and even criticisms of yourself and others.

As you breathe in imagine positive energies like kindness, compassion, forgiveness and love flowing into your heart chakra and spreading throughout every corner and cranny of your body, spreading to every fiber and nerve and atom of your cells.

Focus on your heart chakra and breathe in to this area. As you again fill yourself with these positive feelings and energies, and now as you exhale, imagine breathing out these positive energies slowly. First to your immediate surroundings, then spread this love to the world, slowly and surely, fill the world and the Universe with this beautiful love energy.

Imagine sending this love energy to your family members, your close friends, the animals, trees and all inhabitants of the world.

You are a being of light and love. Your heart and soul know no boundaries as they fill the Universe with positive loving energy.

When you have done so, slowly bring back the awareness to yourself and your heart chakra and when you are ready open your eyes and ground your hands. Slowly flex yourself and get up.

Practice, practice, practice and let us all fill this world and Universe and every heart and every soul with infinite love.

Thank you. I love you.

Take care and be well.

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One Woman's Thoughts said...

I have always loved that song.
You are right that love has to come from within and it needs to be nurtured.
A lovely post today.