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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reach out, reach in

Are you lonesome tonight,
Do you miss me tonight?
Are you sorry we drifted apart?
Does your memory stray to a brighter sunny day
When I kissed you and called you my heart?
Is your heart filled with pain, shall I come back again?
Tell me body, are you lonesome tonight?
I wonder if you're lonesome tonight
You know someone said that the worlds a stage
And each must play a part.
Body, you lied when you said you loved me
And I had no cause to doubt you.
But I'd rather go on hearing your lies
Than go on living without you.
Now the stage is bare and I'm standing there
With emptiness all around
And if you won't come back to me
Then make them bring the curtain down.
~ A song by your soul 

Are you lonesome? Have you connected to your soul? The divine soul misses you as much as you miss it but if you are not going back, then you may as well bring the curtain down as you have given up.
Many years ago, I gave a speech and wrote an essay about the big difference between being alone and being lonely.
A person living in the woods all alone and very contented with his life is likely not lonely but a person amidst the crowd can be lonely.
Your soul has been lonely if you have not connected to your divinity yet. He is doing all the mundane stuff and guiding your life without any acknowledgment, love, gratitude but the soul is divine and will keep doing his job. But he will wait patiently in this lifetime for you to connect and if you miss the opportunity, he will just wait in the next lifetime.
So if you are feeling lonely, go connect with your soul.
You see, loneliness can just elicit pain and is self imposed - so you can change how you feel.
Here are some steps to help you to reach out and this will help you to reach in to your soul, your angels and your guardians and you will never again feel lonely again:

Journal out your feelings. How do you feel when you are lonely? Why are you feeling lonely? When do you feel lonely? What do you do to get out of your loneliness? Write whatever you want, write without any restrictions and inhibitions.

Do something totally different that you have never done before. Over the past years, I always like to travel with my wifey to a new destination that we have never been before and that always leads us to a very memorable sol connecting memory, not all good memories but many many wonderful great memories. I also recently became a Reiki Master, an Animal Communicator, a Tarot card reader, a blogger .... things I would not have dreamt of doing ten years ago.

Connect with nature. I have always loved nature. Take a walk, listen to the breeze, the leaves rustling, the birds singing. Recently, over my birthday, I took three days off and mainly worked on the garden in my house. Digging and mixing earth, planting flowers and vegetables and trees. It was back-breaking, sweaty and extremely tiring work but I have never been so satisfied working with mother nature. I serene and beautiful connection happened between the soul of I and Mother Nature and it was beautiful beyond words and pictures.

Volunteer your time. Nothing makes you feel better than to volunteer your time to help another person. The benefits will work both ways and it will truly be rewarding for both body and soul. You can volunteer at old folks home, feed homeless like my French friend does by driving around on a Kechara lorry on Friday evenings, you can even work with animals.

Become a leader within your community. This is not as easy in many places but see what of your skills you can help in your neighbourhood. I may do some free Reiki healing sessions in Bangsar soon or maybe even at my workplace.

I have mentioned many times before, the soul is eternal and infinite and never dies, only your body does. So, it will be good to have soul connection.

Do you know what else never dies?

Love, love never dies. The soul will love your body always, the soul and the higher Divine are sweethearts too and love will never die.

So, start loving your soul, he already loves you. Do not be lonesome tonight, do not be lonely any longer.

I thank you and I love you. I am grateful for the many readers that find something wonderful in my writing and have changed their lives. Some readers who have even blogged about me and my Musings, I am truly grateful, thank you, I love you.

Take care and be well.

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