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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Charting the course

Many people still treat their souls as a belonging, something they own. Like my handbag, my car, my soul, my house.

For quite sometime now, I have oft repeated, I am soul, soul that is I has a body, a physical being that is temporary. I rarely ever say my soul, I usually say my body and soul that is I. I am soul.

Once you acknowledge and follow your soul, you will embark on this wonderful journey deep within yourself and you will discover everything you need to feel, to think from within. It will be a beautiful safe place where you will be able to tap on the wisdom of the soul that is you.

You will be able to use the deep wisdom to become aware and develop extraordinary understanding, love, gratitude, compassion, acceptance, healing. And you will be able to use this for your current life, however long that may be. The knowledge of your soul is infinite.

You will establish a relationship with the divine soul of yours and will receive many insights from within your soul, your guardians and even God as the divinity of your soul is the same DNA and connected to that of God.

But how would you capture your spiritual progress and how would you make use of this progress and record your lessons?

I recommend you keep a journal. I have been told many times to keep a journal, and I realise while I do not keep a hand written journal which I should, I have been keeping a blog journal and sharing it.

When I write my blog, the inspiration comes from within, the world stops for a while around me, everything remains still like a clock that has stopped ticking and words just flow out of me.

By recording thoughts, the sheer action of doing so, provides a clearer picture of what is happening with you.

As you grow as a soul, you will gain memories, be inspired, learn things, hear stories and your prayers will be answered. Like minded people will start to enter your life as your raise your soul connection and vibrations. Your goals in life and purpose will change, you will become more intuitive and spiritual, you will become clear to whom you truly are.

A journal will become your best friend to record all these as your learn and see it. It will also allow you to have a few moments alone with yourself, your soul that is you.

Some tips for writing a journal include:-
  • Write your journal around the same time everyday and preferably in the same area. I usually tend to write mine around noon in front of my computer with my dog by my side. But if you prefer, you can write it in the morning as you listen to the birds in your garden, or in the evening. 
  • Take your journal in your travels and write people you meet, places you go, experiences and feelings you have. When I was in some parts of the world, like South Africa, I had a strong connection with the elephants in the safari and I truly felt that I was there before, not in a good sense, but I was there before. I discovered few years later that I, the soul, have been there before and now I have changed and been there again in a different light.
  • Your journal is yours alone. Share it if you want and do not share if you do not feel like sharing.
  • Nothing and no lesson or vision or thought is too small or too insignificant to write. Everything counts. If you see Ultraman in your thoughts, write it down.
  • Record as many happy memories as you can. What made you happy that day. Rather than writing angry or sad memories. Happy memories will make you more inspired.
What can I write?
  1. Everything in summary. How your day went, what made you happy, did you learn something about yourself, any new insight ...
  2. Write your goals and desires.
  3. Write affirmations that really inspire you or make your own affirmations. Mine include Mornah's prayers which I say daily. "Dear Divine Creator, Father, Mother, Son as one; If I, my family, relatives and ancestors have offended you, your family, relatives and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, we humbly ask for you forgiveness. Let this cleanse, purify, release, cut all negative memories, blocks, energies and vibrations, and transmute these unwanted energies into pure light ... And it is done. Thank you. I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me."
  4. Include your current prayers and also record your prayers which have been answered previously.
  5. Put in inspirational quotes or words of advice someone may have given you or even some insight you may have got from your soul.
  6. Make note of new findings ... sometimes when you read back in the past, you may have new discoveries, write it down.
  7. Write what you are grateful of right now, anything as simple as being grateful for being alive and healthy.
  8. Add any symbols, drawings or images you find inspirational. I doodle quite a bit in meetings as well as when I am generally taking notes and I always put down the main Reiki symbols.
  9. Keep track of what you feel is intuitive and psychic impression.
Everyone lately seems to be interested in their life purpose. What is purpose of my life in this world, what am I meant to be doing, why am I here, where am I going etc.

But as I have said, physical being is finite, your soul which is eternal has a purpose, what is the soul purpose is more pertinent and powerful than what is your current life purpose.

The soul purpose is very simple - to be all that you can be and to live your lives in alignment with the highest good.

We should be less selfish and acknowledge, impact, and help each other as much as we can with our unique gifts, talents and abilities. I do this through my writing and hope one day I will reach millions of readers daily. Currently I reach maybe a couple of hundred, so it is a long way to go and I am confident one day I will reach there, with your help, love and gratitude.

There is a purpose for everyone and as much as you may ignore it, it is there calling you and therefore you will always go back yearning for it. I started as a journalist in my career and now after 20 years of working am doing something in Information Technology and managing services and service levels. This is not my calling nor passion. And my calling has always been writing, I write well, better than I speak most of the time. This is my calling and soon, I will have books out there hopefully which you will be inspired by.

We are all born with special gifts, talents and abilities. You may not know what they are yet but maybe with some work and effort, you will find out.

Paramhansa Yogananda said, "Life is to be lived. If you live abundantly and use your talents and energies to the limit every day, you will develop ever-greater power and understanding of your full potential as a soul. There is no end to the life, love, power and wisdom that could be yours if you start using what you already have."

What is your soul purpose, what are you inspired by?

Close your eyes and think whom you admire the most, what are their qualities that you admire. Now write it down on one side of the paper.

Now close your eyes and think of someone that maybe admires you and why do you feel they admire you. Write down the traits that they admire you.

Compare both the traits and you will likely find many similarities in the traits of people you admire and your traits of which others admire.

Now take another piece of paper and write down the following things as honestly as possible:
  1.  What am I passionate about?
    • For me it is writing and cooking
  2. What did I enjoy as a child?
    • I enjoyed reading and somewhat imagining stories up in my head and creating my own comic books.
  3. What did I imagine at a young age that I wanted to be when I grew up?
    • I say go beyond the doctor, lawyer, engineer crap that we may have been forced to put. I once put author and chef and millionaire business owner.
  4. Have other people noticed and commented on what I am good at?
    • Many comment on my writing and those few who have eaten food I have cooked also like that.
  5. Is there a hobby that I take pleasure in?
    • I really enjoy writing my blog, other things as well as I do enjoy cooking, experimenting with recipes.
  6. How could I make a career out of what I love doing?
    • I have started to write my books and hopefully millions of you will buy my books when they come out, or could be one avid fan could buy a million books ....
  7. What I am engaged in when time just seems to just fly by?
    • Usually it is writing, or cooking or sometimes imagining a wonderful future.
  8. What do I enjoy reading in my spare time?
    • I enjoy reading everything, but some days I am in a mood for Dr Seuss and some days it could be Michael Crichton.
  9. What kind of people would I like to be around me?
    • I have already been attracting the wonderful souls around me, like minded spiritual souls on the similar quest, souls who have respect and love and gratitude for the others, souls who just are - who do not manipulate or hate.
  10. What can I do right now to take a closer step to doing what I love?
    • For me it has been blogging, meditating, healing the soul of I as well as others, writing my book and children's books, and just being close with my angels and guardians and God.
The questions above were taken from the Power of the Soul by John Holland.

Start charting your own course. When you immerse yourself in the consciousness of your soul, your soul purpose, you will feel the passion and inspiration through you. You will become aware of the spirit, the vitality, the love and gratitude that is already within you.

I am ever so grateful for you to pass the message on to your friends, direct them to my blog, write comments or even send me a personal mail. I love you, I thank you, I am sorry, Please forgive me.

Take care and be well.


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Necrotike said...

This is such a lovely post! Blogging and/or writing really is good for the soul. Thanks for posting the questions and for the inspiration. I'll add the questions to my own blog today.

Peae & love :)

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