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Sunday, April 3, 2011

A way inward, inhale then exhale

Your soul, your true inner self is always there, whether you ignore it or not. I am a soul and all my communications now come mostly from within my inner self, my soul.

The more you connect with your soul, the more you will start remembering how close you are to Divine. Connecting can be done in many ways including meditation, prayer, working on something creative or inspirational, journaling or just doing something you love.

I love writing and when I write, it really comes from my inner self and the divine soul of I. Sometimes, when I see my wife painting an art piece, it really seems like she is in a different world all together, but that is when the art and the colors that come out are from her creative and inspired soul.

Today I will talk about the mindfulness of breathing. Being aware of your breath.Something simple that we do even when we are asleep but rarely do we pay attention to it. In Yoga as well as Buddhist and Hindu teachings, breathing is very important part of meditation and connecting to your soul.

I will teach you a few simple methods which you can practise and choose for yourself which is the best suited for you. Then take the most suited one and practice it at least 5-10 minutes daily and slowly increase.

SoHam meditation
I am that I am.

SoHam is a breathing technique that is simple yet profound. Breath in with So and exhale with Ham (pronounced Hum).

Do this for 5-10 minutes daily. Do not say the words out loud but in your head. When So, breath in or inhale and Hum breathe out or exhale. You can use the YouTube below as a guide.

Nostril breathing
This yoga technique or breathing technique I have not followed in a long time. My new opposite neighbour used to do it in the balcony but I think he received some complaints for the stupid neighbours and I think he does it indoors now.

Again, wife does this every morning even without releasing it.

Close your left nostril, inhale from your right nostril. Then close your right nostril and exhale from your left nostril.

Do this ten times and then change.

Close your right nostril and inhale from your left nostril. Then close your left nostril and exhale from your right nostril.

Do this ten times.

Then repeat this for five to ten minutes daily.

Always inhale deeply and exhale deeply. It should sound like you are blowing your nose when exhaling.

Check out this you tube video for some guidance.

Mindfulness Breathing
The final technique coming from Buddha himself is being mindful of the breaths you take and therefore being aware and not being distracted by other things except your breath.

This exercise sounds simple but takes a while to master and be mindful as you very easily get distracted.

Step 1
Breathe in, breathe out, count 1 .....
Breathe in, breathe out, count 2 ....

Until count 10 and repeat for another count of 10.

Remember, only count after you have breathed out.

Step 2
Count 1, breathe in, breathe out
Count 2, breathe in, breathe out

Until count 10 and repeat for another count of 10.

Remember to count before you take your breathe.

Step 3
Let go of counting completely and just be completely aware of your breathing. Enjoy the experience as you become aware of your breathing and the sensation of your breath. Pay attention to the small pauses in your breath.

Step 4
Continue breathing and being aware of your breathe and start to lightly focus on the feeling near the tip of your nose and your lips as your breath comes and goes.

Do not strain but relax and be mindful of your breath. Just be, do not do anything but concentrate on your breath, do not let your mind wonder, pay attention only to your breathing.

Ho'oponopono Breathing
This is something I have developed and come up with through the Ho'oponopono technique.

Breathe in and say I love you as you exhale.
Breathe in and say I thank you as you exhale.
Breathe in and say I am sorry as you exhale.
Breathe in and say Please forgive me as you exhale.

Repeat this breathing for 5-10 minutes or as long as you like.

Who are you saying those words to? It does not matter. Just say the words. Do not try to concentrate to whom you are saying those words to. Just do it, it could be to Divine, it could be to your soul, it could be to others but do not concentrate on whom, just concentrate on your breathing and saying those words.

I hope that you find one of the four methods above useful to you and you will do this as we go on this journey to discover the power of our inner selves, our souls, our divinity.

Please do share with me how i goes for you and which method you find good for yourself.

Take care and be well.

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Glenda Manus said...

Wonderful relaxation techniques, Nil. We have a relaxed form of Yoga on Monday nights with our 81 year old yoga instructor who is nimble as a ten year old. She's been practicing yoga for over 50 years - she's a Christian as I am, so it's more of a mindful meditation stretch exercise thing for us rather than a religious practice. We do all the breathing exercises that you suggest - the nostril breathing has been so helpful to me and has helped me so much. I also like your suggestion of breathing in and out with words.