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Monday, April 11, 2011

Power of visualisation

In the previous blog, I wrote about my affirmations. Do you have affirmations? How long have you been saying those affirmations?

Some people say that you have to have affirmations and truly believe in those affirmations for them to work.

Sometimes, I feel, this is not entirely necessarily so. For example, if you made a mistake typing on a computer, what would you do?
You will likely press the backspace or delete button and delete the mistake.

Would you think and wonder why you made that mistake, do some soul searching to find out why such a mistake occurred, come out with a plan to not make the mistake again and when pressing the delete button, do it with conviction?

Most likely, you are not going to do the above, but just press delete button without thinking too much about it.

So, do the same for you affirmations. Start with a simple one like "I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. I thank you." Just do it.

Then slowly, start visualising your affirmations. The power of visualisation is immense. But you must start using your senses to visualise, imagine using all your five senses - seeing, sensing, hearing, tasting, smelling - your affirmations.

For example, if you just say you want to be rich, it really does not mean anything. So start playing a video of a life you want to live, hear the sounds around you, what would your home and car smell like, what do you see around you, etc.

Now complete this perfect visualisation of your affirmation or your wish and include you emotion - what emotions are you feeling - joy, happiness etc.

When I had an accident, I was a little afraid and nervous to get back into the car. When I did, I was driving like a 98-year old nervous and jittery person, the fastest I went was 50km/h. Then I thought to myself, "Nil, you are a great driver, You have driven many years, nearly 20 years without any accident or even harming another being inclusive of never hitting a poor dog or cat on the road. Trust and know that you and the car are always safe."

And soon enough, I was back to my normal confident driving. I am now a better driver than I ever as because I am now more conscious about my surrounding, physical and metaphysical.

Some of us start Monday morning and think, "Oh Monday, it's going to be another long week ahead." And sure enough, by the time Friday comes, we will be exhausted and tired because we have already programmed this.

Some people go on vacation, let's say a 10 day vacation and a the end of their 1st day of vacation will say, "Oh, there is now only 9 days left."

Some people just visualise certain negative thoughts and as such they manifest the negativity.

Life follows thought, and we need to create positive thoughts and life will follow these thoughts.

I am no angel and I too sometimes create negative thoughts. Although I am changing and constantly saying my affirmations, some negative thought creeps into my bloody head and often I have to smack myself on the head.

It is not easy especially when one is surrounded by so much of negativity and judgemental people, but it can be done.

While one person may not change the world, one person can change themselves and this will be enough to see changes in the world they live in.

It is always important to believe. People say that not everything is possible, some things are impossible. Again, as I have said in a previous blog, nothing is impossible, even the word reads I m possible, and yes, you are possible, I am possible, and as such, anything is possible.

So, do not believe in the impossible because there is nothing that is impossible. Believe in everything and make everything possible.

Thank you.

Gratitude is very important. Say thank you. Say a prayer of thanks. Be thankful. Show your gratitude.

When your divine self starts connecting you the the higher Divine, be grateful for this, listen to the messages of your guardians, ascended masters and angels and God, and say thank you.

Again, I am a big proponent of these 4 things, "I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you."

I love you.

Thank you.

Take care and be well.

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