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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The language of the soul

Five senses are relatively easy for us and during the golden ages of humans, there were many more senses which we now just refer to as sixth sense, but there were more than just six.

The five senses that we are familiar with are sight (ophthalmoception), hearing (audioception), taste (gustaoception), smell (olfacoception), and touch (tactioception)

But over time, as humans moved away from being pure hunters and gatherers and started inventing tools, then machinery, we started losing our other senses.

The cave dwellers had many more senses like intuition, telepathy, extrasensory perception, illusion, inter sensory feeling and many others. There are many people out there that are already clairsentience - knowing, clairvoyant - inner vision, clairaudience - inner hearing.

Can we get these back? Is it possible?

Of course it is, what did I say yesterday? Nothing is impossible.

Recently, I have started talking to my guardian, started getting messages from God, even started speaking to angels and other guardians and I have also started speaking with my pets. Yes, call me crazy but that's just because you are jealous and I do not really care. But if you want to learn, then let's start and continue reading.

Every one of us possesses the spiritual ability to become consciously aware o our soul's senses and these include all the senses.  We all have the natural capacity to tap into our intuitive psychic abilities.

Opening the door to all our other senses is really exciting, enlightening and life changing experience. It has changed mine, and it will yours too.

Your soul will guide you, your consciousness will expand, you will start being aware of things that are buried deep within you, you would open yourself to senses that you were not even aware existed.

This awareness will bring you real happiness, joy, love, health, forgiveness and life and soul meaning.

But to start, you must believe and you must know deep within yourself that you already have these tools. As a spiritual divine soul, you already possess unlimited abilities, you just need to awaken it.

One thing we are all born with is intuition. There has always been a time where you would have had a hunch or a gut feel or some instinct.

Intuition is the language of the soul. Sometimes you will just feel it.

We are born aware, with a deep sense of inner knowing, this is our greatest gifts. This is what keeps us connected to our higher selves, the Universe, the Divine spirit, God.

Our intuition is working and speaking to us all the time but sometimes we are not aware. But if I look at my Lil furry boy, I know he is well aware of his intuition.

Have you ever though of someone you may not have heard of and suddenly you see the person out of the blue?

Have you had a hunch to do something and not do it and then regret it?

Do you sometimes meet someone and you immediately have a strong feeling - either you like or dislike the person?

Have you watched something and know the outcome of it even before it finishes, be it a football match or some other situation?

Have you ever had dejavu where you felt like you had just gone through the same thing but at a different time?

So, intuitions are there, all the time.

Are you ready to prepare yourself to become who you really already are?

First, if possible, find an area that you can set aside just for you - to read, to meditate, to study or even to read my blog.

After you have a place where you will not be disturbed, switch off everything - hand phones, computers, music, any other electronic devices. This is to start with, eventually you may be fine with some of these things. Clear the place of any major clutter.

Just have a comfortable chair and a comfortable table. If you like, you can have some flowers, or candles or incense or crystals and pictures of your angels, guardians, God but these are not necessary.

My special area has crystals to cover the major chakras and the five elements, it has my guardians and every now and then I would light a candle.

Use this special place mainly for some quiet time, meditation, personal development and slowly you will infuse the place with positive energy and it will have a feeling of warmth and peace.

Find a good time for you to meditate and try to do about 20 minutes to start with every day. Look forward to your meditation rather than a chore. Think of it as a special time with your soul, with your guardians, with Divine.

Also, by fixing a time, you are honoring a commitment and training your mind and through continued practice you will develop inner guidance from your soul and it will become steadily easier to meditate.

And remember your journal, keep it close by and when your intuition and psychic thoughts come in through meditation, remember to write it down after meditation.

Write down when you feel an unexpected thought or impression coming into your mind that seems to be not your normal routine.

Record the coincidences and synchronicities that seem to run in your life all the time.

Jot down numbers that keep showing up in your life, whether licence plates, phone numbers or dates.

Write down your dreams or any images and emotions that you remember.

Draw any pictures or symbols that come to your mind.

Just setting up a space will help your consciousness expand and develop your soul senses.

After some practice, you will need to still your mind and stop all the chatter that goes on.

During the early stages of starting to meditate, your mind will continue to chatter and even wander off. Do not worry about it. It is perfectly normal in the beginning.

But over time, let your thoughts slow down and the chatter to shut up and you will soon begin to have more clarity and focus. When your mind is still, it will become easier to find that place of absolute stillness where psychic and intuitive information flow freely.

Start, just do it.

Take care and be well.

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