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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Aloha is sharing and caring.
Aloha is doing your part, and a little more.
Aloha is being constant and steadfast.
Aloha is smiling, and meaning it.
Aloha is comfort where comfort is needed.
Aloha is a warm hug!
Aloha is extending a hand to someone who needs it.
Aloha is making every person you meet feel special.
Aloha is always looking forward, and not looking back.
Aloha is having faith in others.
Aloha is spreading the sunshine!
Aloha is never selfish or judgemental.
Aloha is Love!
~ Pali Jae Lee

Love is the power, it powers the soul.

The chakras are the batteries of the soul and they are recharged by love and love powers the soul, the soul of I, the soul that is you.

Love is not meant to be a destination but it is a journey.

To feel the power of love in any lifetime can be one of the most beautiful, significant, and life-changing events that we experience as a soul.

This is the process to become a person we are meant to be - a person living and feeling from the heart and soul.

When love is in us, in our presence, it will move us, it will move our soul from deep within.

We have developed so many things and like I have said before, Internet is one of the biggest inventions of my time and despite all our creations and advancement in technology .... there are people who are incapable of doing something that should come naturally to us and our soul, which is giving and receiving love.

Love is the foundation of our existence. It is a wonderful emotion, and it is a perfect energy that propels us through our life.

It is truly the power of the soul for when it is received, it will radiate through your heart chakra and spread to all your chakras. Everything in your energetic system revolves around our heart chakra, like our personal sun.

Love reveals itself in many many forms and we will experience it at many different levels.

When one is loved, one feels safe. If in a loving environment, you will feel nurtured.

Remember, your soul cares for you and wants nothing in return - the soul of I loves me unconditionally. And the soul of you loves you unconditionally. It is the same type of love you will get from a pet dog that you treat well, the soul is like our little furry little pet dog within us, giving us unconditional love.

However, in order to give and receive love, you have to open your sun and let it shine, let it shine bright. Love is unconditional and there is infinite and abundant amount of it within your soul and within the Universe.

We are all beings of light, energy, love and compassion and therefore these are the forces that we need to bring from our heart center.

When our heart center is open, and the blocks cleared, healing can begin in all areas of our life. When this happens, we will be in a better place, happy and lovingly sharing with others as I am today.

Aloha is love. I love you. Thank you. Aloha. Love.

Take care and be well.


Glenda Manus said...

A sweet and thought provoking post. Aloha

anju said...

wonderful blog........

Fashionably Late said...

Ah, Love... :)

France from Centre Mukti said...

Breathe love... live love!