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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Bear is out of hibernation, and using his left hand to warm the right hand

The first few months at work, the bear was in hibernation.

The next few months, the bear had just woken up, and was doing things that he was so used to. The bear was not feeling too challenged, hunting and catching fish was routine and easy.

Then the weather got a little bad, and there was a huge storm for a while. The bear got aggravated a little bit, got stressed a little bit, got upset a little bit. The they bear calmed down, and as soon as the bear calmed down, the storm calmed down.

After the storm, the bear recuperated. The bear decided to use his left hand to warm the right hand.

The bear settled down, got to work, started having a good work life balance, started to get challenges, got promoted, have got seven other bears and the responsibility for the livelihood of these bears and more challenges.

The bear is out of hibernation, the bear is using his heart to see and using his left hand to warm the right hand.

To elaborate, I will copy a chat conversation I was just having with a friend of mine.

Nil: By the way, what are the Chinese characters in your profile
Wee: Oh yeah, I should share this message with you.
Wee: It says "Use your left hand to warm your right hand"
Wee: Does it make any sense to you?
Nil: hmm
Nil: Could you elaborate
Wee: Sure
Wee: When one is at the lowest point in life or in the darkest phase of life, while all around can encourage, support and help the person, one realises (hopefully, most don't) that one has to help oneself out of the darkness
Nil: yup
Wee: In such dark moments, use the left hand to rub the right hand and gain strength from the warmth.
Wee: We should always remember that in whatever severe circumstances, we have the strength to help ourselves
Wee: What's your view?
Nil: I always think that we get ourselves out of darkness, low times in our lives
Nil: So, we have to find strength within to do it
Wee: Most people don't see it that way
Nil: Most people think that the world owes something to them
Nil: At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own happiness or misery
Nil: You choose how you feel
Wee: No self ownership and awareness
Nil: Yah, sometimes work and stuff overwhelmes you, but you can choose to feel good or choose to feel bad
Wee: Agree. Self-awareness is the 1st step
Nil: Yes
Wee: I am glad that we have quite similar views
Nil: I think we do in a lot of things. We think alike in many ways and we want to have a good balance life

Use your heart to see, use your left hand to warm your right hand.

Take care and be well.

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