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Friday, July 11, 2008

Al E Baba - A picture blog

Al E sleeping in a new house.

Another angle of Al E sleeping.

Yet another sleeping picture

"Can I have some privacy already Aunty Rena, I want to go sleep."

Al E ... come to mummy.

Nope, not coming to mummy.

Eating socks again.

Al E wiping out his food ... hungry little dog.

More eating pics.

Yet another eating pic.

"Eating also these people don't give me any privacy. Eat, sleep, shit, piss - all they want to watch."

"No peace in eating, aunty Rena also can't leave me alone."

"Should I go to mummy or not?"

"I guess I am going no where now, mummy has got a grip of me."

"I am sleepy, what's mummy smiling for?"

"Mummy is nice and warm."

"Ok, where is daddy, I am bored."

"Here's daddy, orite, now I sleep on his arms."

Looks like Al E and Nil are both tired.

Camera shy Al E - more like, enough pictures of me oredi, shy lah.

This in Rena's living.

"I want to jump out, but where do I go?"

"Hooray, I am on my nice cushy."

"Hooray, I am biting daddy's toes and socks."

"Hooray, I am biting the flowers of Aunty Rena slippers which mummy's wearing."

Owh, wifey and me wif Al E

Al E and wifey

All pictures courtesy of Renatta's D60. Thanks Rena.

Take care and be well.

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