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Friday, July 25, 2008

Boycott TL Motors in Miri

Friday afternoon, Bu Bu and I had gone out to buy some supplies during lunchtime to make out homemade Twister game for the Pitem Puti Mi gathering at my place on Saturday.

We had bought the required supplies and were having lunch at the usual Indonesian restaurant in town when I received a call from wifey to say that some beeatch was yelling and accusing her of hitting her Vios.

As Bu Bu and I were not too far away, we decided to go see what the big huh hah was about.

As we reached there, I saw barely a scratch on my Land Rover and no way I could possibly see Dungaboy causing a dent on the Vios without even a scratch.

The beeatch was still there and had now called her boyfriend and some other guy. Well, two can play the same game.

They wanted to make a report, we went to the police station to make a report.

Then suddenly the boyfriend decided that he wanted to settle.

I was in no mood to settle initially until the police had determined who was at fault.

The police for whatever reasons I could not fathom decided that we were at fault - must be my KL number plates I initially thought.

Much to my chagrin, the police that made that call decided to leave all of a sudden claiming that he had to go off some where else and we were left with another officer.

I much later found out that these people mainly the Beeatch is the 19 year old daughter of TL Motors in Miri and these people have a "reputation".

No wonder the beeatch could afford to be yelling in the middle of the street and create a big scene.

No wonder the policemen suddenly left, not wanting to be part of this incident, even making a decision or taking a report.

No wonder Bu Bu's friend who came over just asked us to settle with these people.

This gangsta mentality in Miri has had quite a reputation before I came over here. I never thought that I would be experiencing it first hand.

Well, I settled . . . but it will be a cold day in hell before I ever would be a customer of TL Motors. I hope that my friends would be willing to follow suit and do not patron this company. It may only be a small dent in their business, but still, fighting with a tiger would cause them more than just the amount I had to settle, it would cause them business, it would cause them reputation.

Take care and be well.

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