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Monday, July 7, 2008

A new member of our family - AL E BABA

Yes, we now have added a new member to our family.

Al E Baba is currently just shy of 2 months of age, a handsome jet black pitem mi boy and of the cocker spaniel breed.

Wifey and I were not even looking to buy a pet, dog, cat, fish anything until Al E called out to us. We just went to do our grocery shopping and were out about on our ways to get stuff when lil Al E called out to us.

It was Al E B that found us and not we who found him. We did not take him home immediately but instead brought him home today.

I will upload pictures of him soon as I do not have my camera right now.

Nevertheless, we believe my good friend Auntie Rena who is going to take care of Al E while we are away to take our IELTS exam in Kota Kinabalu.

We have also found other doggy sitters amongst our good friends, like Jo Laughing Buddha and J Udang kecil. Potential doggy sitters are Yani (but needs permission from housemate).

So, when we are away, like this weekend, from Sep 13 to Oct 5, from Nov 10 to Nov 14 and Dec 24 to Jan 4.

Christmas will be with J Udang Kecil, but the 3 weeks in Sep and 1 week away in November, I hope Yani and Jo and the group of them can take care of him.

We will miss Al E dearly this weekend, and all the other times we will be away especially the long holidays which were planned before Al E came into our lives.

We are grateful for all our friends who have graciously offered their services, our gratitude to you knows no bounds, thank you.

He has brought a lot of joy to our lives, a lot of work and responsibility as well, but nevertheless a lot of joy and happiness.

He is so bonded with wifey and is now wifey's second shadow and both of them will surely miss each other tremendously when Sarah is in KL.

I have taken him for walks on the beach this morning as well as in the evening and he is beginning to enjoy them and can chase me down.

Pictures of Al E will be posted soon. We just love him and hope that all our friends will show the same.

Take care and be well.


Kelvinc said...

Ooooo... dog!
Gotta go over and see that...

Nil said...

Aisay, so many times invite you also you never come. Where you got time ... such a busy man.