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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The mouse is in the house

Yes, the mouse is in the house.

This special mouse flew in Malaysian Airline flight and arrived in Miri at 3:30pm today.

So, my nice quite home in Luak Bay is now occupied by a mouse. And this Bear or cat, like Garfield, is not going to do anything about it. In fact, it's nice to have some mouse activity in the house, some liveliness.

I lead two different lives in Miri, one with a mouse and I without a mouse.

I would elaborate further and will do so, but now, I need to go spend some time with the mouse.

So, I am posting this short blog to make an announcement, the mouse is in the house.

Take care and be well.


Anonymous said...

Interesting post...A little funny (read it twice so far) and it rhymes too.


Nil said...

The mouse in the house is tired and sleepy. Despite that, both the refrigarators and the kitchen has been ravaged and cleaned up (all the bad out and all the good in). Thankfully I had already bought some junk food before hand :-P

Anonymous said...

This is no ordinary mouse. This special mouse is very health conscious (not only for herself but to all occupants in the house). So, junk out, health food in (including homemade/home cooking). So enjoy it for the next 4 weeks and be healthy and happy and cheerpy....

Note: Getting less sleepy and better by the day too.