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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rain or shine, micasa en sucasa

Nothing like having a few friends over to hang out with, laze around, talk, play and chill out.

Coincidentally both on Friday night and Saturday night.

My home is your home.

On Friday, a slightly larger group of the usual people, hanging out, having early dinner and playing with Al E. Wanted to play Ultimate and literally go fly kites, but alas, the stormy weather did not permit it.

Saturday night started quiet with Sarah and I going out for dinner as people we invited could not make it, mainly it was a last minute sort of invitation as well.

But after dinner, both of us went to Marriot for dessert and met up with two friends who came over for tea, junk food and chat and watched a movie at home which everyone including Al E slept, it was late. Mack was cuddled up in fetus position on my couch and Butterfly was also falling asleep and wifey was also falling asleep . . . so, I said let's end this bore of a movie and everyone go home and get a good night sleep.

My home is your home, Micasa en Sucasa.

Nice, pleasant, simple and fun.

Take care and be well.


macK said...

hahah. yeah, if only the happening was more happening, maybe wouldn't fall asleep watching yummy matthew (i don't even know how to spell his surname)

Nil said...

Mcconaughey. I guess everyone was just a lil tired loh . . . nevertheless, niceto lepak around.