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Monday, July 28, 2008

Return of the MACK

Mack is the acronym that one of my friends uses for her blog, email etc.

But now MACK has got a whole new meaning, my Kayan brother Muniandy aka Bu Bu, my Iban Bidayuh "secret" friend Anjali aka Mack and the KL boys Chandran aka KC and Kuppusamy aka Butterfly.

Also got theme song from Mark Morrison below - The Return of the Mack. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJFUSiRCLBM

Chandran started this Indian name thingy, so it has just stuck. So, everyone now has Indian names. Too bad, I already have an Indian name, so they could not add to mine.

Now Bu Bu is set to give me a Indigenous name. Maybe everyone should have an Indigenous name, a Chinese name, a Malay name as well as a Western name - then we will truly be Malaysian.

My Chinese name is 尼乐式

But then again, my full name could be Nilesh Kumar Abok Nordin Niles 尼乐式 Timbadia - that would truly be interesting.

Nice fun song too.

Nice fun friends too.

Take care and be well.


macK said...


macK said...

oh, seceret world! haiya....

Nil said...

So far, added Adishree, plus my name we have MACKAN...