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Monday, June 30, 2008

Mack's hiding in her attic

Mack's been missing in action - at least on her blog.

Nevertheless, she is also in a month long course and likely has no time to write her blog. Furthermore, just like me, she said she has a writer's block . . . . I hope it becomes a writer's blog soon.

I am too having a writers block, I am also just tired, my new role at work has been keeping my mind busy. I also have not been getting good sleep and no electricity last night did not help the cause any further.

I had to sleep on the sofa with the door slightly open so that some of the nice sea breeze would come in. But with the sea breeze, so came the famous and notorious Luak Bay mossies (mosquitoes) and sand flies. On top of that, I also got a really bad back ache from sleeping on the sofa.

Anyway, I had a rather decent weekend. On Friday, I did absolutely nothing at night, on Saturday, I went to Ngiling Tikai which is the rolling back of the carpets/mats after the long harvest festival. There will be another picture blog on that, soon, very soon I hope. I just took my 105mm Nikon macro/micro lenses and shot lots of portrait shots.

On Sunday, got up early enough and had and early lunch with Mack and HanW. A lunch that become this extended "lepak" (meaning hang out basically) session that lasted from 11:30 am to about 3pm in the kopitiam and then until 5:30 pm in my Luak Bay home.

We talked, joked, teased and just relaxed and had a nice day.

After 5:30pm, they left and I went to do some shopping and come back home. Then our lepak session continued for a while over dinner at Mosjaya.

I came back after dinner, was about to write my blog and the electricity went off.

Anyway, Mack, HanW and I decided on something which I hope will happen. She is supposed to blog about it, so I don't really want to say too much . . . but then again, who reads this anyways.

Okay, the thing is we were just hanging out and wondered out loud where we may be 20 years from now, and then 10 years from now.

And then three of us decided that we should have a reunion, 10 friends in 10 years. Of course we will bring our spouses, children and such. But children will be taken care off. We have got 9 people so far because we could not yet decide on the 10th person. Also, I just realised that the 9 we have can become 8 if any of our friends get married . . . hmm, I wonder which of the 9 are dating right now.

10 friends in 10 years for a few days in Miri, then we go for a holiday somewhere else. We will have a day where we invite our extended friends but for a few days, just 10 of us and our spouses.

I will be 49 then but we plan to go to our hangouts in Miri, like Cheerie Berries, Wheels, Coffee Bean, Canada Hill, Luak Bay home or thereabouts, play Ultimate, play Pictionary, and whatever or even nothing . . . just hang out and lepak, 10 friends in 10 years.

Take care and be well.


macK said...

more like hiding at the hotel

Nil said...

More or less sama lah, i wanted to put hiding in hotel tapi had to use your blogs heading mah... I went up to your attic, but you were not there or you were hiding in it. Hehehehehe. See you around soon yah.