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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sporting events

I my life, I would like to attend a whole lot of sporting events. Why am I writing about sporting events? Well, mainly because I am a good sports spectator. I am not any goods at sports but I enjoy watching some sports at some times.

So, here goes a list of sporting events I would like to attend.

1. Football World Cup

2. Summer and Winter Olympics and Paralympics

3. Tennis Grand Slam Tournaments - all four

4. NBA Basketball Championship Series

5. Americas Cup Sailing Competition

6. Cricket 20-20 World Championships

7. All Manchester United football matches for 1 year

8. American Football Superbowl

9. All Formula 1 car races for the whole year.

10. Tour De France bicycle race

Okay, so where and when do I start watching these. Maybe 2014 World Cup in Brazil could be a start but we will just wait and see. The world and God works in ways where our wishes will come true, I just have to believe in it.

Take care and be well.


bal said...

just like me wanting to see as many concerts (preferably Raawwk) as i can, u know my passion for music but my ability to play an instrument is unfortunately limited to air guitar and air drums...and occassional desk top piano duet with Sir Elton J. :-)


bal said...

P.S, what happened to latin-translate thinggummy-thinggums?


Nil said...

I actually have not put the musical concerts I would like to attend of currently active bands and those I'd like to attend if I could go back in time. The Latin thingy got stuck, so, I just removed it.