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Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Seating Arrangement

So, over the Gawai, my old cubicle was torn down and new ones were built.

My seating moves a little, over the other side of the wall. As well as a little larger space and a window.

Previously I did not have a window behind me but a wall, in fact the very wall that I am moved over from.

Not much view from the window but still a window.

Also, a new cubicle mate. Since I joined, Bu Bu has been my cubicle mate, but as things change, people change as well.

Bu Bu is no longer and has moved away, also having a window view looking over the noisy cafeteria.

For me, my view looks over nothing but still, a window and therefore natural light.

Also, the larger space means I can have another chair in my cubicle and this time, I took a nice sofa chair that was in another cubicle.

I went one day over Gawai t unpack the 3 boxes I had and to arrange my additional cupboard.

The things are just dumped in the cupboard and the drawers and the actual decoration will happen on Monday after I get back to work from the Gawai break.

A new place, a new cubicle, a new cubicle neighbour, but an old friend. You see, the person sitting next to me actually joined on the same day that I joined and we have been friends since.

Watch out for pics that I will put up later on Monday or maybe Tuesday.

Take care and be well.

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bal said...

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I always knew them Latin-o's were plenty shmart people, but wow they were waaaay ahead of their time. While the rest of the world was just getting the hang of papyrus, the Latin-o s were 'shindigging' into computers and org.apache was not just another tribe in the usaa. Wayyy sweeeeet!