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Monday, June 29, 2009

The weather is always great

I like the weather, it is unpredictable.

Over the years, meteorologist have had more sensors and electronics and computers to detect wind, wind movement, barometer and barometric pressures, tides and tide movements, satellite pictures to track cloud movements, high pressures and low pressures and etc etc etc.

And yet, weather remains something that is not easily predicted.

And that makes weather wonderful.

How the sun shines and heats up the place and brings out life, new leaves, trees, flowers and bees. It allows me to go for a walk on the beach with my boy.

How the rain nourishes the earth, cools it down, cleans up the air. It allows me to be inside, snuggle up with loved ones, watch a movie and listen to the wonderful chorus of frogs outside my house and the gentle sound of raindrops.

In other climates, the winter snow makes everything white and pure. The air cold and crisp. Allows me to build snowman and snow forts to have snow ball figths. It allows me to go skating on a frozen lake and skiing down the hill or across the jungle paths.

In autumn/fall the trees turn to wonderful color and show all the colors they have been hiding in the summer. You see, green is just chlorophyll and just part of the color of the leaves. The other colors do not show up when the chlorophyll is so strong. But in autumn, the other colors get to show themselves off. The fallen leaves, raked up and jumping into them. Halloween and making pumpkin heads.

And spring, when the snow melts, time to go boating by the lake, mountain biking, look at things coming back to life.

Weather is wondrous.

And on this night, in Miri, it is raining, the gentle sound of the rain, the crash of the waves against the sand and the chorus of the frog orchestra outside my house with Al E sleeping by my feet and me typing this blog, watching House and reading a book.

Weather is truly wondrous.

Life is truly wondrous - just make the best of it, everyday, no matter how the weather is, no matter how the circumstances are and no matter how tough it gets.

Take care and be well.


bal said...

SEEMS you like the rain just like i do. And so accurate your statement ''chorus of frogs orchestra"... how i miss that. Wish it would rain buckets today.. i want the frogs to come out and sing just for me. Sigh, i miss the moonsoon rains i grew up with in kelantan...


Nil said...

Nothing like rain and a chorus of frog orchestra but today is dry again and unfortunately it has brought the mossies out, but every day you make the best of it. The mossies live and then they die, swatted :P

Ser said...

I enjoyed reading this entry. I can't imagine anyone but you to write something interesting about something that is so generic like the weather ...

You made me think about the weather in a good way (all the fun associated with rain).

I may not enjoy all the 4 seasons but I do appreciate a good rain and sunshine (not blazing hot day though and definitely not flood/storm).

I also look forward to spring and summer. Autumn can be okay but I will pass on winter. Winter can be depressing at times!!! (It gets dark way too early!)

A good write-up and inspiring too.