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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday Night Fever, Sunday Morning Itch

Called a few friends over for dinner, namely Kupps, Chandran and Uding but only Chandran and Kupps could come.

Anyways, I made a appetizer of some fried Indian stuff, then some bee's comb chines spiced tofu and buttered spinach rice.

Simple but I think very nice, especially the tofu and the spinach rice which you can see below.

After that, we were browsing the net to look at songs from YouTube to help Kupps choose some songs and also discovered that Mack was also choosing her songs for our mix CD (an idea that I will blog about once everyone has chosen their songs).

Kupps was having some difficult time choosing, so we were just checking his shortlist and asking what the meaning of the song was for him.

Anyways, friends left at around 10, and I was with Al E combing him and watching some tele. When I was falling asleep, Al E was licking me on a spot on my leg which was really itchy.

The itch I thought was just a mosquito bite or a sand fly bite, both which are notorious near my house - so while I am used to it, it still itches like hell.

Anyways, this morning, I got up to the pitter-patter sound of the rain on the roof and balcony and Al E and I got out to go breakfast at Ipohtown. The weather was nice and cool for once.

Anyway, I realised that the itch on the leg was still there and I was subconsciously still itching it. Then I realised that it was swollen and therefore likely not a bite from a mosquito or a sand fly.

If the swell remains as the picture of my hairy leg below, it would be time to check it out with a doctor.

For now, some antibiotic cream has significantly reduced the swelling.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

Get it checked out anyways.

Chandran said...

ouchies... but the food was fab and so was company

Sanjay said...

Bro ... the food looks great ... you were always such a good cook. I still remember your Graduation party at UWSP where you cooked a BIG feast for everyone ... amazing!!!