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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Big Screen

At work, I have a laptop... which many of us will have to give up soon due to so called cost cutting matters that are looking at the smaller stuff rather than focusing on big ticket items that really require a reduction. Anyways. this article is not about cost cutting measures.

With the laptop, I get a docking station, keyboard, mouse and a HP LCD 17 inch monitor. We are encouraged to use this rather than our laptop screens so that we do not strain our eyes too much.

Some people have been lucky to acquire larger screens either because of their work or because they got hand me downs. I have been trying to get a 20 inch through a hand me down but no such luck yet.

Anyway, I have been using laptop at home and through the "bad" influence of friends (and myself really needing it), we all decided to go get monitors yesterday.

4 of us, Datuk, Ah Boon, Kupps and myself got ourselves flatscreen monitors.

While Datuk and I went for a little higher end HP HDMI 22 inch screen monitors; Kupps and Ah Boon got the 23 inch Acer monitors.

When I first set it up, I was like wow, I got to sit further away, this things lights up the whole house etc etc.

After a few adjustments, I am liking the big screen for my work, it is easier on my eyes as well.

Just for comparisons, have a look at it below.

Take care and be well.

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