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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Late Night Hunger

Lately I have been getting quite hungry late at nights, like after 10pm and I know it is not good for me to eat that late.

Unfortunately, the way my body is wired is that if I do not eat, and I am hungry and my stomach is growling, I will not be able to sleep. I will go to bed and toss and turn all night long thinking of food.

So, instead on concentrating on the hunger, I decided to do some tasks, like reading and writing this blog and researching some stuff. I also decided to drink lots and lots and lots of water.

I also think Nigella Lawson is a bad role model for me, my God the amount of delicious food she makes and her late night binges.

Anyways, while searching, I came across many diet related articles on how to stop hunger pangs but found the advice that I have pasted below to be the most practical, at least for my situation.

So, here are 5 things one could do to avoid the hunger pangs especially late night ones that are the least healthy.

1. Do tasks
Have you ever noticed when you're involved in doing something, whether it be reading a book, or some other very focused activity, you tend to think less about eating food and more about what you're doing other than eating food I've noticed myself that when you tend to be immersed in doing something, foods seems the last thing on your mind but when you're bored you probably notice, that your head may be in the fridge quite a lot I know mine can be when I'm not doing anything in particular so it does work give it a try and see what you notice.

2. Drink more water
Sometimes when you feel hungry the actual feedback you're getting from your body is drink some water, this is also a good thing to do before you eat a main meal it will feel your stomach up and you will eat far less.

3. Have some vitamins
Sometimes the reasons you can get hungry is because you're not getting the right amount of vitamins in your diet this can cause hunger pangs for some people, so have a look at your diet and do some research to find out what vitamins you are missing sometimes a supplement is better for some people i.e. vegetarians or vegans.

4. Prepare snacks
Prepare some healthy food in a small plastic container, so you can take it where ever you go especially when you're out, fill it with foods that contain water like tomatoes, peppers, grapes oranges so if you do get hungry you have something healthy to eat, and are far less likely to eat something bad for you instead.

5. Eat some protein
This neat little trick will send the " am full signal to the brain" also protein takes longer to break down in the stomach, good sources of protein are eggs, fish, beans and cheese preferably low-fat as we know protein has 4 grams per calories whereas fat has 9 calories per gram.

So, these are the tricks I will try to follow to control that late night food binge. Maybe you may want to try them too, but remember, do eat healthy meals throughout the day. Just avoid the late night binges.

Take care and be well.

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Ser said...

Remember to take all your vitamins/supplements whenever I am not around (Please!!!)