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Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Baby born without a penis"

The Star headline screamed at me. I was intrigued.

In my mind, a baby born without a penis is common, in fact more than 50% of babies are born without penises - they are called female.

Anyway, this article was obviously about a baby boy born without a penis.

Apparently, the birth certificate of 10-month-old Muhammad Nabil Mustaqim Rodzake states that he is male, he lacks a penis.

Now this poor boys name is all over the paper, imagine 6 years later when he starts going to school.

The article also showed a picture of the parents proudly holding Nabil, all over the national newspapers.

Oh how some parents just like to embarass their kids. Lucky for me, my parents were a little more private - and no, I am not born without a penis or a ball or any deformities, I do not have 3 tits like Chandler Bing etc.

I am sure there we some nudie baby photo's lying around but none that were published.

I knew a person whose father was a weirdo. As such, his whole life, he and his brother just used initials. He was A.H. and his brother was B.M.

You see, the father had named them Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

Ah, parent's sometimes do very interesting things without looking at the future consequences to their children. My heart goes out to Nabil.

Take care and be well.


kC said...

oh gosh, you realized it too? they look freakin' proud... like wth?!

bal. said...

Nils. I have a patient, a young, obese boy who the parents have decided to proudly call fakarahuhatul. Oh, he has a 'Nik' in front that name. I forsee that if he has the good (or bad) fortune to go overseas to study, guess what the other students are going to call him??? NIK FAT FAK 'cos they won't be able to pronounce his full bloody name!!!

I SH*T U NOT this is true.Don't people think???


Nil said...

Pity Nik Fat Fak or is it fat fakar ...