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Monday, March 9, 2009

A hungry man is an angry man

After my trip back from Antwerp, I was a little tired, so I took a quick nap.

Then I was hungry, so as usual, decided to head out to The Hague.

Walked around a bit, thought maybe go watch a movie but there were none playing after 6pm on a Sunday.

Finally, settled on going to this Mexican restaurant that I have been wanting to try.

I think the name is Popocatepetl and is smack in the middle of the town not to far from the parliament.

Anyway, I go in and the decor is nice and service seemed quite alright.

But you know, the service industry in The Netherlands and somewhat even in Antwerp is like non existent in general. I have been to some restaurants with great service but very few here, so far, only 2.

So, I ordered a Margarita classic, which I got quite speedily.

I also saw that other tables had tortilla chips with salsa, but mine did not. It is standard on all tables but I had to ask for mine.

I also ordered a mushroom soup, a vegetarian fajita and a bottle of water.

I got the mushroom soup but it was very salty, but I was hungry, so I downed most of it.

I had to wait nearly 15 minutes for my water, seeing it on the bartenders area waiting to be picked up. And I get frizzy water instead of still. Then it takes me another 5 minutes to get it changed.

Then waiting for my simple vegetarian fajitas, 20 mins, 25 mins, 30 mins, 35 mins, 40 mins, 45 mins, 50 mins and no fajitas.

People around me got their food and even left but I was waiting.

I asked but waiters and waitresses would just pass by and when asked will disappear and never come back with the status.

Finally, the waitress I ordered food from said there was some screw up in the kitchen and they were only now making it. I told her forget it, I am tired of waiting, nobody came and gave me any status.

I was tired and hungry and getting really upset.

I honestly think it was a screw up in ordering rather than a screw up in the kitchen but I really could not care. I had come from Rijswijk to The Hague just for dinner, it was raining, it was cold, I was tired, I was hungry and it just made me angry.

I asked for the bill and decided to leave but the manager came to me and apologised and said I did not have to pay for the things I had. I said fine, and walked out.

Into the rain, still cold, still tired and still hungry. Just took the tram back to Rijswijk and decided to just take a Domino's pizza back.

In Domino's this young attendant who was friendly took my order but another one just refused/ I was ready to choke this young punk but just calmed myself down and just took my pizza and ate it in the room while on the Internet and watching television.

So, a hungry man was an angry man.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

Are the Dutch plain racist, daft, lazy or just could not care less? So disappointing...!

Ser said...

Why no reply one?

Nil said...

I thought it was just a statement and rhetorical question. I don't think it is a racist thing, I think it is a bad service thing.

L_ZEE said...

i think they just don't care. Its really weird, but if you don't like their restaurant they'll say just leave then. In Malaysia they would be closed within months! :P

Nil said...

Yah it is the don't care attitude.