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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cracowia, Polska - Tatanka, Zubrowka to Na zdrowie

Cracowia, Polska (Krakow, Poland) - 27 March to 30 March

Tatanka - a drink made with Zubrowka and apple juice nicknamed the apple pie
Zubrowka - a popular Bison grass vodka made in Poland.
Na zdrowie - To health - something said while drinking i.e. cheers or yam seng.

Arrived in Krakow at around 2:30pm, Stel came to airport to pick me up and then we took the taxi to the hotel - should have taken the train but still taxi was significantly cheaper then in Netherlands. Train would have been 6 zloty which is like RM6 and the taxi was 80 zloty.

Arrived in the hotel, checked in and then just rested for a while before going out for a walk to the main square at Rynek Glowny which was just a slow 10 minute walk. Then went back to hotel and took a real quick nap.

Went out for dinner in this restaurant which is in an underground cellar and had some nice risotto.

Then met up with some friends from Shell in Krakow like Dagmara and her friends took me out to a pub and then to a pub/club called Beautiful Dog (in Polish it is Piekny Pies). It was nice to be out in a club that played some decent real music for once and it is frequented by the artists etc of Poland. Was out until 3am or so drinking Tatanka's.

Got up around 8:30am on Saturday, had breakfast and then went up to Wavel hill for a nice walk and back down to the Wisla river and then slowly back to the main square.

Had some beet soup and pierogi which is basically a ravioli Polish style.

Also had these bread and cheese sold on the streets.

In the afternoon, Dagmara, who is also my travel advisor for the STIA, came by and took me to Kazimierz which is the Jewish sector of Krakow. We went to a Cuban pub in the Jewish sector and had an interesting pink beer, a drink with grenadine syrup, beer and orange juice.

Later, we walked backed with Dagmara to the square then the train station. And bid her goodbye, she was not to well and it would be good for her to rest.

Stel and I sat down near the park to enjoy the nice weather that I had brought to Poland. The weather was really bad before I came and even snowed on Wednesday but was perfect when I arrived and remained great until I left.

Later in the night we went for a nice vegetarian restaurant nearby the square and very near where I was staying, the food was good and surprisingly the place was really crowded.

Had a nice long discussion and then headed back to the hotel for an early night after the late night the previous day.

On Sunday, got up for breakfast, packed up, went for a walk around. Then headed back, took the bags and went to the train station for an early ride to the airport and flight back to The Netherlands.

I had a good time with family and friends like Stel, Dagmara and her other friends like Joanna and Arthur. They were great company and it was nice to go somewhere in my trips where I was never alone walking around.

But such is not always the case, so this coming week, a trip to London to turn 40. I guess I have to go to Motherland for my birthday.

Until then, Na zdrowie, go have a tatanka and enjoy life while you live, when else can you do so.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

Well glad you had a wonderful time in Poland.

I am sure Motherland would be fun as well (all you have to do is think of it and lo and behold it will be...)

We will both miss you soooooooo much and will be thinking of you. Can't wait to see you. I am sure our boy is missing you too.

Anyways, maybe you will get a chance to see Josh for a beer or something.

One thing for sure, in Motherland everyone speaks English at least...so it would be easy to get around.

Enjoy the trip darling. Bisous.

Awesomeness said...

HAHAHAHA yeah! Go to the motherland for your birthday :P
good one... back to motherland.

Ser said...

Where the pictures? Post some lah...Post some of Stel's as well..

Nil said...

Pictures will come by end of today. Stel requested for none to be posted, so, will send separately.