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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Of airports, dogs and Jai Ho

This morning I actually got up relatively early for a Sunday and had a nice breakfast at the hotel.

Wanting to take things easy but not remain in quiet Rijswijk, I decided to check out the airport. I had heard that the airport was busy. Since I was doing trips away and Sarah was planning to come here sometime, I decided to see the convenience of taking a train and checking out the Malaysian Airlines counter, the Lufthansa counter, the EasyJet counter and others.

Also, checked out how much excess luggage costs (€64 per kilogram on Malaysian airlines, thank God that Shell pays for additional 15 kilograms).

I also just checked out some of the shops. The Schipol airport is a hive of activity, even on a Sunday and a welcome change from quiet Rijswijk and The Hague where everything is closed.

Then I returned and talked to wifey and of course part of our discussion was about our boy, Al E and how affectionate he was today. He got a rare treat from wifey, he got to sleep in the bedroom mainly because the house was smelling of turpentine. But our boy was oh ever so grateful to get this opportunity to sleep in the room with wifey and slobbered her with kisses in the morning and remained a good boy today.

After our discussion, I decided not to remain in the room, so went to Rotterdam. Even in Rotterdam the shops are open on Sunday.

I decided to see a movie and ended up with 2 movies. Marley and Me to begin with. Having read the book, I would say the book was a lot better than the movie. Nevertheless, just as the book did, the movie did bring a lump in my throat and a tear in my eyes at the end.

Just made me miss Al E boy a little more.

After that, finally got a chance to watch Slumdog Millionaire. What a great, happy, inspiring, sad, everything movie. Even claps all around at the end. Jai Ho!

This movie well deserves all the awards it got for all the award shows including the Academy Award, really brings a happy feeling.

So, that's is how I spent a rather relaxing Sunday.

Jai Ho.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

I watched Slumdog millionaire twice and enjoyed it so much. You are right this movie deserved all the Academy Awards that it has won so far.

The first time watched with Pappa and the recent time (2 weeks ago) with Kupps & Mack.

Didn't get a chance to see Marley & Me. Will get a DVD copy once in KL.

AL-E is happy to sleep in our room. He keeps himself busy in the basket and does not wonder around. Somehow I get a feeling he does not sleep very deeply because whenever I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, there he is watching me & giving that cute grin. Oh well, that's our boy.

Ser said...

I made some improvements to his basket. Make it firm, soft and fluffy. And our room can get really cold when the air-con has been on for couple of hours. So, AL-E just loves it and stays in his basket all cuddled up like a foetus. Will take picture next time and put in his blog. Cheers.

Nil said...

Yah, will be nice to see picture of Al E snuggled in his basket in the room next to my bedside.

Nil said...

Slumdog Millionairre is the type of movie Bollywood should make and they don't. I liked the Bollywood ending to it. However, it is good that actors like Aamir Khan and a few other still churn out decent out of the box world acclaimed movies.

bal. said...

Speaking about movies, Nils u have to check out 'Watchmen'. I think you will really, really enjoy this one. Broken heros, shattered dreams, fallen guardians and a blue man-thing.Right up you alley. Sweeeet!


Nil said...

Bal, I do want to watch Watchmen, however, the timing that day was not right, so I will go watch it one of these days.