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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Out on a Friday night

I walked into my room at 6 this morning, undressed and plopped into the bed to sleep. I got up at 10:45am and took a nice hot shower after that.

I took the 4:45am train from Amsterdam to Den Haag HS, but overslept in the train, so only got off at Delft. This was close to 5:45am.

In Delft, I quickly boarded another train, going to Rijswijk and finally got home.

In the Netherlands, unlike Germany and Poland and possibly other countries as well, trains do not function through the night.

So, when the Friday night of going out with a friend was done, I had to wait a couple of hours for the 4:45am train. I slept sitting down at the train station for a couple of hours. Nearly missed the train too.

Nevertheless, the evening was interesting. We had a really good Mexican meal, with surprisingly excellent service.

Drank quite a few Mexican beers, then went to shoot some American pool and finally ended up in a club.

So, the night was fun and the trip back from Amsterdam was an adventure.

Take care and be well.

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Ser said...

Thank God you are alright and did not get mugged/robbed unlike here in KL. The chances of getting attacked is higher here in KL. Sigh!