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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First Vanderfull Home Cooked Meal

I am very grateful today for I had my first home cooked meal of my trip here.

I did not cook, God forbid.

I was invited for dinner at a friend/colleagues house in Delft Zuid (south). Peter Van V (a Dutch) and his wife Anne(of Indian origin) and their daughter Queen Tessa were gracious enough to host me for dinner today at their lovely home.

And the best part, a nice hot home cooked vegetarian meal .... ahhhh the pleasure.

So, had some Egyptian bread, similar to Naan roti, some nice pulao, an egg curry, a vegetable curry, some yogurt raita and nice Indian pickles. YUMMY.

And their 3.5 year old daughter Tessa is just so adorable and so well behaved. And of course she played with me and likes me. She is just a doll. And the hosts Peter and Anne are so nice as well.

God bless them and thanks for the lovely food.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

Queen Teresa is so ADORABLE...boleh cubit tak....I am sure she is gonna grow up to be one gorgeous girl.

Wah, the food looks yummy too. How come you didn't take a picture of the whole family (looking at the camera)?

Nil said...

Wifey, it is Tessa, she is really adorable. And Queen because mother calls her Rani. She speaks English, Dutch and some Hindi. She called me Nilesh bhai which is brother. As for pics, I just took some random shots, did not publish all but will share later.

Ser said...

Post more pictures of the family lah...

Nil said...

Did not take many pictures but willpost 1 or 2 more end of today

Ser said...

Why are you a bhai to Tessa when you are old enought to be an uncle...just curious?

Nil said...

Bhai is normally used for any elder that is not related. Plus I look younger maybe.

Nil said...

More pics added