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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A wasted second chance

I always give a place a second chance especially restaurants etc.

But I now live to regret the 2nd chance given to this restaurant.


I went to this place on Sunday and did not get my food.

So, I thought, I want to give this place a second chance.

The 1st time, I got my drinks and despite asking at least twice for my food, I was informed only 1 hour later that the kitchen screwed up.

The 2nd time, I forewarned them of my past experience. I got my food really fast but this time, I did not get my drink. And the order was taken by the manager.

When I told her about it, and told her how the place screwed up a second time, I got this for a reply:

"Well, this is not something that I can do anything about."

What the F***. She is the bloody manager and not even bothered to apologise.

Service in The Netherlands sucks, but service in Popocatepetl is by far the worse, hopeless and the worse restaurant service I have had in all my travels around the world.

I was also informed by a colleague that he and his friends went there some months back and also some items ordered were never delivered.

Please, if you are ever in The Hague, avoid this place and you will avoid some anger rilling up.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

Good advice. Lets boycott this joint.

Nil said...

Yup, and writing bad reviews in travel websites like travel advisor as well.