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Friday, March 20, 2009

MY country politics - State of Intelligence

A friend forwarded this old joke which I have reworded a little for obvious reasons, main being that the freedom of speech does not exist.

Najis was visiting Singapore and during a meeting with PM Lee, he commented to him that he was so disappointed with his cabinet people for being stupid, and asked him how he managed to have such an efficient cabinet in Singapore .

PM Lee said, 'Simple, Najis, I choose able men for my cabinet.'

Najis asked, 'Yes, but how do you know that they are able?'

PM Lee replied : Just ask them simple questions to test their intelligence. They don't need to be too difficult. Let me illustrate to you.

Just then, DPM Tony Tan was walking by, PM Lee called out to him, 'Hey Tan, come over here.'

Tan walked briskly over and PM Lee asked, 'Tell me, Tony, who is your father's son ?'

Tan immediately replied, 'Me ! Of course.'

PM Lee turned to Najis and said, 'See, all my ministers can answer such questions. Why don't you go back and try?'

Najis thanked PM Lee and left for Putra Jaya.

Once he was back, he immediately summoned his right hand man MuhyDon, and shot the question at him, 'Tell me, MuhyDon, who is your father's son?'

MuhyDon was shocked beyond words and did not know the answer.

After a while, he recovered and said, 'Boss, let me find out and I'll tell you tomorrow.'

Najis, a bit disappointed, agreed, hoping that MuhyDon will give him the answer the next day.

Meanwhile, MuhyDon was panicking that the PM was testing him. He tried desperately to find out the answer from his staff, but none of them knew the answer.

The next morning, he thought a smart guy like Anwar must know the answer. So he phoned and when Anwar picked up the phone,

MuhyDon said: 'Hello, Anwar !!, I want to ask you a question. If you do not willingly give me the answer, I shall have you detained under the ISA.'

Anwar then agreed reluctantly and MuhyDon asked: "Tell me, who is your father's son?'

Anwar who was fuming at having been threatened over such a trivial question replied: 'Of course it's me, you stupid!' and he slammed the phone down.

Satisfied that he got the answer, MuhyDon confidently walked into Najis' office and said: 'Boss, I've got the answer to your question.'

Najis, happy that his minister wasn't that dumb, said, 'So tell me quickly MuhyDon, who is your father's son?'

MuhyDon confidently replied, 'It's ANWAR!'

Najis slapped his own forehead in disgust and said: "No you stupid ! It's TONY TAN!'

Take care and be well.


bal said...

ROTFLMAO!!! Thanks Nils, this clears up a lot of things. Now i don't have to read the newspapers and go ''what the fU** are they thinking???'' Now i know they simply aren't. No brains polititians are going to be the death of this beautiful country i call my home. Not terrorists, not the economy, not the weather. najis and his band of miserable salivating power hungry holier that thou cheating moral less mother selling zealots = NAZI Germany and the holocaust, and we are the new jews to be given soap bars made of brick in the gas chambers that is the new racist malaysia, soon the be re-named malayonlysia.


Nil said...

Bal, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your long comment. Somehow, someday, the people need to have a voice and do something about it.