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Friday, August 20, 2010

El Nino and La Nina, for the 600th time already

It has been many many years ago since we were introduced to the weather patterns El Nino and La Nina (mainly meaning Little Boy and the Girl).

You would hope that after all these years, the boy and girl would have grown up.

But nope.

Still the little boy and the girl continue to cause major weather havoc around the world.

Sometimes I wonder if it is really them or we have just got used to blaming them for everything, so it is a convenient blame. El Nino and La Nina have been blamed so many times over the years that I've become immune to the news about them.

Just like we blame the weaker for a lot of things, I guess this blame game will continue.

Considering the weather patterns are opposite of each other, don't they just cancel each other out? I guess that way, the weather remains the same. One place gets hotter, another gets cooler ... but the balance remains.

Oh well.

Take care and be well.

BTW, this is my 600th blog post since started blogging. Guess I will not be reaching a 1000 mark until maybe 2012, then the world ends. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Haha that comic is hilarious. And so true, unfortunately! haha