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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Veggie Burger in Amsterdam

Well, I did have a Veggie Burger again but did a lot more in Amsterdam.

I was in Amsterdam pretty much the whole day on Saturday. Took the train from Rijswijk to Den Haag HS and then another train to Amsterdam Central. From there a tram to Museum Square.

First stop, Van Gogh museum to see some of my friend Vincent's paintings.

The lines were longer than expected and I queued up like a good person. Then I saw the sign from above and cut the line and walked straight in. You see, I made the Museum Card last week which means a separate line and free entrance. No queues.

It is all I had expected and even more. Van Gogh was a true Dutch Master.

(NOTE: The Dutch do pronounce the G, so Van Gogh is does not have a Chinese surname like how the French would pronounce it i.e. Van Goh :P)

After the Van Gogh museum, I wanted to go to a museum next to it, which is The Stedelijk Museum. It is supposed to be one of the most innovative and interesting museums of modern art in the world. Presently it is closed and in a painful and prolonged renovation, Stedelijk is planned to reopen in April of 2010.

So, I walked down the street and went into the Diamond Museum. Not too much into diamonds and have seen most of the good stuff in South Africa. From here on, I entered the Bols center but did not visit it.

Instead, I walked further down for the Heineken Experience at the Heineken Brewery. Very interesting experience this was. The lines here were as long as the lines at the Van Gogh and unfortunately, they did not accept the museum card.

I truly enjoyed this – I bought 2 bottles of Heineken beer that were personalised and 6 glasses with names on it, some as gifts.

Of course, you get 2 small glasses of beer for free as part of the tour. I took a normal Heineken and then tried a 0 degree beer.

After the Heineken brewery and walked to Hard Rock Cafe.

Here is where I had the veggie burger as I always do in Hard Rock Cafe’s around the world. After dinner, went to the Hard Rock shop and bought 2 t-shirts, one for wifey and one for me.

After dinner at Hard Rock, took the tram to the University area, walked around the canal, ended up walking past the famous red light district of Amsterdam and in the end walked back to Central station.

Spent maybe about 10 hours or so in Amsterdam, will go back again to watch a few more things in Amsterdam including Anne Frank’s house, History Museum, Marijuana Museum and Van Gogh again.

On the way back, the train broke down between Amsterdam and Den Haag HS, so we were stuck for about 30 minutes in the middle of nowhere.

But back safely but tired and with sore feet.

Take care and be well.

PS. Pics to be uploaded later.


Ser said...

Thanks for putting up with me via SKYPE till 2.OO am your time.

I think you are in heaven when it comes to beer especially since Heineken is one of your favorite and what more others here in Netherlands.

Just remember to shed the little pouch that I am sure by now growing with all the beer drinking...

How come water is so expensive in Netherlands? I thought their tap water is safe to drink (that is what you mentioned and have drinking - well at least in the hotel room, right?).

So tell me how come beer is cheaper than water. I believe so in France and Italy because their water is so darn polluted and that is why their mineral or drinking water is so EXPENSIVE.

What excuse do the Dutch have? It is so mind-bogling.

Nil said...

Actually overall I have lost weight. As for water being more expensive, bottled water in most restaurants can be expensive even in Malaysia. And despite tap water being cleaned, some restaurants just don't serve it. Overall water is cheaper than beer though. The wine here is definitely more than the beer. Plus the Dutch have quite a number of nice beers. Finally, I am usually just drinking 1 glass max with my meal.