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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nasi Lalapan for RM 115; 1 week expenditure = RM 2300

I really need to cut down on expenses, I do not know how yet. Maybe need to be like the Dutch, eat a cold meal, maybe just some bread and cheese. Pack from breakfast and eat that for dinner. I don't know yet.

I went to an Indonesian restaurant in Den Haag yesterday and it cost me Euro 25 for pretty much Nasi Lalapan with a glass of wine.

The rice came with a different type of tempeh, some freshly cut cucumber, 2 very spicy sambals and sayur lodeh (a vegetable chili coconut based curry).

It was really tasty and really nice. And tasting the spicy sambal was fantastic after 1 week of generally eating western food.

But Euro 25 which comes up to RM115 - I was shocked when I converted. And then I saw my wallet. I have spent Euro500 in a week. That is like RM2300 in 7 days.

Okay, so some of this is fixed one time cost like buying gloves, scarf, some museum discount ticket, books etc but most of it is food. Any hot meal for dinner and a cup of tea, glass of wine or beer here costs about Euro 15 to Euro 20 for dinner.

How could this be? Is this place really that expensive? Is my allowance going to be enough?

I have so many questions and concerns. Some I keep asking and receive no answers. This is something I really feel is uneccessary stress that affects my work.

Already I am missing my family (including Al E) and my friends, now I have to be concerned about what I can eat.

Take care and be well.

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Ser said...

I am shocked (and almost dropped from my chair). The worst part is that how come you are not allocated any allowance immediately? What sort management is being run in that part of foreign land?