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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Gujubhai in Rijswijk

You can find a Gujubhai or a Gujubhen anywhere in the world, even in bumblefack Rijswijk.

Yah you can find a Chinese everywhere to but there are maybe 1.5 billion Chinese in the world compared to maybe 50 million Guju's around the world.

So what is the chance that I would find a Guju everywhere I have been in the world? It is significantly less than finding a Chinese or generally an Indian.

Anyway, the Gujubhai I met here is also working in SMEP and he is here for training for the next five weeks or so.

I try to avoid Guju's where I can but this guy I actually know from SMEP and therefore not easy to avoid.

So, this Gujubhai and I will likely be going out tomorrow - young boy, so as the elder statesman I have to show this Guju boy around.

Well, it is better than doing things alone but I would not want to make it a habit.

Take care and be well.

Postscript: This now reminds me of Sting's song Englishman in New York. Maybe I will write lyrics to Gujubhai in Rijswijk following Sting's tune :P


Ser said...

Good luck. This young Guju married or single? From motherland or ancestor land (India)?

Nil said...

Guju boy is from Yindia but works in Miri in the same place.