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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sejuk Giler Sunday

Sunday morning, it is below zero, some snow flurries this morning, strong wind and it was by far the coldest day today compared to all the days I have been here.

Today's temperature in the places I have been has been high of -1 and lows of -4 degree Celsius. This is excluding the wind chill factor and boy was the wind blowing.

I started a little late today, just admiring the snow outside of my window and it already felt cold in my room as well.

But I dressed up and went out in the bitter cold. Started off at The Hague to go the M.C. Esher museum.

M.C. Esher has been one of my favorite artists for many years and I was only introduced to his art in USA when doing my bachelors degree some 20 years ago.

He draws and does woodcuts of endless perspective, any which way goes.

After that, I went to Mauritshuis which is next to the Parliament and has a lake in front.

This place most famous painting is the girl with the pearl earring by Vermeer. It is often referred to as the Dutch Mona Lisa. Very nice.

Apart from this painting, there were many other fantastic paintings in this place.

After this, I went to The Hague Historic Museum which is a little more historical.

It also had an exhibition of old doll houses - very interesting how this old doll houses were done with the intricate details.

Finally, took the tram to Scheveningen which is a beach town. It is quite a nice place by the North Sea. However, today was really cold and the wind was quite strong.

Well, the 1st weekend has passed. I guess next weekend I will do Amsterdam and visit all the sites in the city including The Van Gogh museum as well as the red light district.

Will update when I can.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

Nice gloves... Nice pics...

I pun nak join...tapi not during winter lah...sejuk bejuk (Had experienced winter before.Minus zero plus wind-chill, no thank you..later lah)...


kC said...

mate... all you need are some skis at hand, and the alps at the background by the looks of it. Hang in there!