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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chaos in Rotterdam Central

I was going to blog about my wonderful day in Rotterdam, about the most unique apartments I have seen, about the interesting lamp post but I need to write about the chaos at the Rotterdam Central station here now.

On my way back from Rotterdam after dinner, there was just chaos at the train station.

Obviously, nothing is announced in English nor are there any signs in English. Then I figure it out, there are no trains, nothing is moving.

Apparently a power failure. And there were no trains going north from Rotterdam. So no trains to Amsterdam, no trains to Den Haag, no trains to Delft, no trains to Rijswijk.

No buses either. Obviously trams do not go that far.

It was not so late at night, about 7:30pm or so. So I considered whether I should wait and see if the Dutch get this thing sorted out.

After all they were not too informative or helpful of alternative solutions.

So, I decided to bite the bullet and take a taxi back.

After a whole week of saving money, there went more up in the air.

A usual train ride would cost me 2 Euros from Rotterdam to Rijswijk using my train discount card.

My taxi ride cost me 45 Euros.

You know, in a lot of ways, I find The Netherlands a little like Malaysia.

It is not as clean; there is rubbish like plastic, bottles and cans thrown all over the road and train stations.

The public toilets are not clean.

The service in restaurants is nonexistent.

The train service breaks down and there is lack of information available.

Not to get down too much on the country or the people, but the thing is, most Dutch I know like to complain a lot about Malaysia.

They also like to "taruh" us but can never take it when we "taruh" them back.

Well guess what, they are no different than us.

While there are a lot of nice things to see here and a lot of nice things to do and I am generally enjoying myself, but I can really get sick of the attitude.

But oh well, 3 months and take life as it goes.

Take care and be well.

1 comment:

Ser said...

Teruknya attitude mereka ni....

No better than Malaysians (And I was expecting the Dutch to be clean and organised like the Germans and Austrians). Very very disappointing.

I agree with you ABSOLUTELY about the Dutch ppl(s) attitude. The Dutch really loves to critise the whole darn whole especially Asians but they themselves cannot take critism (nor wish to improve). I rest my case.