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Friday, February 13, 2009

4 nights in Rijswijk and Laundry Day

I have eaten Vegetarian Schnitzel, not spicy Thai Red Curry, Domino's Pizza and a sandwich with some chips.

4 days now I have not left Rijswijk, I need to go out tomorrow.

Part of the reason was that it has been raining the last few days in the evening and it dampens my spirits as well as my clothes to be out in the weather.

As for today, the weather was nice but I had to do my Euro1 laundry at the Shell facilities, so had a sandwich, some chips and juice while watching my clothes tumble, turn and spin.

The laundromat in Shell in Rijswijk is the biggest secret. It seems like nobody knows about it and nobody seems to use it. It is not even in the guide and even the security did not really know about it.

It has 2 Miele washing machines and 2 Miele dryers. It uses tokens which you can get for free at the convenience shop in Kessler Park (the main building).

But you have to buy Euro1 soap for the machine from the shop in order to get the tokens.

The laundry room also has 2 nice irons and ironing boards and facility to hand wash your clothes in a sink or pre-wash in a sink.

It is situated in the basement, behind the gym on the way to the learning center.

I did not take any pictures because technically you are not supposed to take pictures inside Shell over here, but I will see if I can sneak some pictures the next time I do laundry.

Tomorrow is Friday, I will surely go out somewhere, like The Hague. This weekend maybe a trip up North or down south, further up from Amsterdam or further down from Rotterdam.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

How come secret..??? Is it because everyone has a home here and own washing machine & dryer at home?

So how was the washing session?

Btw. our little AL-E is not fat just that his fur has grown much more. Now his hair on his forehead has grown so much, really like Elvis Presley.

joanna said...

hello.. hey, finally this is something you can call cheap ;P hehe..
Want Domino's Pizza!! Pizza Hut Miri thumbs down..lousy.
Happy jalan jalan this weekend! :D

Nil said...

WIfey, It seems a secret because nobody knows about it and it s somewhat hidden. So now instead of Al E we have Al Vis :P.
Joanna, btw, the medium sized Domino's pizza cost about RM47, so not really cheap but cheaper than other things.

Ser said...

Yup, AL Vis in the making (...Thank you very much...)

AL-E seems a bit down...he seem to sense that dada is going away...then it is just with mommy..

And then in couple of months back with dada...Then daddy's back!

Anonymous said...

SO,like, have you met any vampires yet? or maybe you need to go to rumania? how many hours of sun a day? what time does the sun set? when do the vampires come out and where do they hang?
Just curious.


L_ZEE said...

Wow, a laundromat in the office! I doubt my dad knows that :D Happy touring tomorrow, hope you get good weather!

Nil said...

B, the bloodsuckers are likely in Translyania or Romania. Here only kak-suckers :P Muahahahahahahaha. L.Zee - definitely your dad would not know about this laundry place, I am quite certain not many people know about it ;)

chchoo said...

indeed, this is new to me, i thought the washing machine is reserved for our office cleaning as they wash a lot of towels daily.