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Monday, February 16, 2009

North of Dam, South of Dam

Saturday started a little late. But decided to stick to the plan and go further up north, further up from Amsterdam.

Went to this town called Enkhuizen and a "ghost town" called Zuiderzeemuseum. The train ride was from Rijswijk - Den Haag HS - Harlem - Amsterdam - Hoorn - Enkhuizen and back the same way.

Well Zuiderzeemuseum is not really a ghost town but in the winter, all the activities are on hold and you can walk around the old reconstruction of a town. In the summer, it is a hive of activity but in the winter, it is a ghost town, but nice nevertheless.

I enjoyed my whole day in Enkhuizen and later went to Den Haag for dinner. Ate dinner in this place called Rootz which serves 60+ different beers, I had one with dinner.

On Sunday, another day I started a little late. Went to breakfast in my shorts and t-shirt and the restaurant was crowded with a lot of people who were all dressed to go out. Ran to catch the train on time and managed to do so.

So, this time south of Rotterdam, significantly south. A train from Rijswijk - Delft - Rotterdam - Eindhoven. Then on return trip, Eindhoven - 's-Hertogenbosch - Utrecht - Den Haag - Rijswijk.

It was raining everywhere, every stop. In Eindhoven, went to a few museums including the Van Abbemuseum as well as Design House.

Then went to 's-Hertogenbosch. How do you pronounce that, an 's in a name?

Anyway, people call it Den Bosch.

It is a nice historical town with a lot of nice architecture. I walked down in the rain and then saw this big party in a pub with people dressed up. Apparently, they are practising for the parade and carnival next week.

So I joined in as well. Got talking with this young group of people and their parents and had a blast of a time.

Then had dinner and on my way back to the hotel.

Nice eventful but tiring day.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

I didn't know the Dutch can be so friendly with strangers from the East..??

Glad you had a nice time.

Nil said...

The Dutch are not an unfriendly group of people, they are just direct and upfront, not overly friendly but I would not say unfriendly. You have to make some effort and adapt to their culture a little and show some understanding or be knowledgeable, then it is fine. BTW, the handsome looking guy standing behind me is the older brother of the guy standing next to me. The girl I believe is their cousin.